Monday, May 13, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Denim Jacket

Ever since I noticed the possibilities to match with denim jacket, I have been tempted to get one but have not spotted any that I like. Denim jacket is always a commonly seen item in Japanese street fashion and it is really versatile. It can also bring out a personality out of a person.

Over the years, there are also more choices for denim jackets - cropped, oversized, acid wash, military, studded, with hoodie, etc. Personally, I like oversized denim jacket cause it can help to make me look petite and cover up my (bottom) fats. It also brings out a boyish character. (*´艸`*) At times, I also wish there's winter in Singapore, so I could play with layering of clothes as seen in Harajuku Street Fashion. *recently the weather has been too hot for such outfits* (。•́︿•̀。) On the other hand, cropped denim jackets suit girly girls and also girls who like to reveal a slender body shape or match it with loose and baggy dress to reveal the waist line.

Below are some examples of how to match with denim jacket.

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As seen, most are common basic outfits. One can basically pull off with any clothing on. This would probably be why denim jackets trend never seems to die off over the years.

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