Friday, May 01, 2015

Singapore Postcrossing on local TV

This week, Postcrossing was discussed on a local Chinese morning show. Two members were interviewed and one of them is Singapore's 4th most active member, Mr lohsmeng. As an active participant for Singapore's Official Meetup Session, he also shared about the community and the meetup session.

I'm not sure how much a Chinese and also a morning show will help to spread the message but at least, Postcrossing is receiving recognition through the media. Hopefully as times goes by, it will encourage the younger generation to join in the fun which isn't a part of their growing up.

Here's the video if you're interested:

*Do note that the video clip runs in full Chinese without any translation in English.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Stamps

I am usually one who sleeps almost through the day as I'm a night owl. But somehow, I managed to wake myself up in the morning and pulled myself to the post office yesterday for the new series of stamps – Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. The stamps are boldly designed in blocks of striking colours. I'm also excited that Singapore now has a dinosaur stamp which is uncommon. This is actually not the first. The first was released in 1998, so I don't think I'll be able to find stocks to use.

Back home, I researched about this upcoming new museum in Singapore that is going to be officially opened on the 28 April and learnt that Singapore now has three dinosaurs' skeletons standing in the museum. How amazing! But of course, millions of dollars were spent to have them here. The cool part about these three dinosaurs' skeletons, consisting of two adults and one baby, is that they were found close to one another which suggested that they might be a family.

After doing some readings about this museum, I really can't wait to lay my eyes on these mesmerising skeletons that used to be like an illusion to me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monthly Affair with Singpost for SG50

Mailing physical mails can be really fun, especially when it comes to receiving. To celebrate this special year, Singpost has been releasing monthly SG50 slogan that can be seen on any regular size flat mails that are machine cancelled. I know this is pretty late to share but hey, there are still 9 more designs to collect. Or either, collect those that you like for memory sake. For foreigners, you can get Singaporean snailmailers to help. This applies to postcards as well.

Photo Credit: Singpost

These specially designed slogans are released on every second half of the month - starting from 15 (or later if 15 falls on a weekend) till the month ends. It’s not hard to obtain them unless the mail unluckily receives manual cancelation. Not that it is common, but there is still this (teeny weeny) possibility. So it’s like playing gambling with Singpost. Frustrating, I know! In anyway, snail mail is a gambling game after all (without tracking). Anyhow, these slogans requires effort and determination to take the extra mile to collect them all. (Unless you have a super kind friend who is willing to mail you every month.) This is what I have been working on now. My #projectsg50! Totally can’t wait till December to review the fulfilling results. Nevertheless, I have been having fun digging out stamps for matching stamp and slogans.

Currently, in my mind there’s a project #2 that I hope to be able to work on. Though unrelated to SG50, it’s still about the little pleasures in postal. Hopefully I will get myself into it so I can share.

Monday, February 02, 2015

I'm back!

After almost a year of not updating, I finally decided to revive this little space of mine. I guess other than sharing some interesting events that I've been just like in the past, I'm gonna share about postal mail in Singapore as well. There are actually little fun moments but non-snailmailers won't take notice of and it's all definitely "made with love".

So, a flashback of my 2014. I know it seems pretty late for a flashback now but whatever. hahaha. Because I haven't been blogging, I've got to rely on my instagram for now.

Attended my first ever Airshow:

River Hongbao's special postmarks:
For the first time, I learnt that the yearly event, River Hongbao, has different special postmarks for all the days. It's hosted by Singpost.

Visited Singapore's first ever LINE Pop Up Store:

Started to get healthy with kimchi:

First full-time job:
After a long journey of job hunting, finally managed to settle down in a design agency. 2014 is also the year I officially stepped into the working society.

Went crazy with private sales:

Addicted to sealing wax:
Thanks to my penpal who gave me my first sets of sealing wax, I became addicted in using them. I find that they bring extra touch to a flat mail and visually beautiful too. Honestly, I feel like I'm living backwards after I started exploring into snail mailing.

Attended my first ever Dîner en Blanc:
It was a fun experience. Interesting part was that the location is only revealed on the day itself. We just hopped into a bus at one of the pick-up locations and "follow the flow". Last year, it was held on Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. Literally dining and partying by the beach.

And for the first time, fireworks show was super close to me. Like right in my face! Even my phone camera can't capture the whole scene. Fire crackers were like fired about 100m away from me.

Gotten a new iMac:
My Macbook Pro decided to die on me all of a sudden and it wasn't worth the price to get it repaired. Since I'm no longer a student and there's very minimal chance requiring me to carry out a labtop, I decided iMac would be a better choice. I didn't want to overcharge another labtop while using long hours at home. (Why does Apple like to lock everything up behind the casing? Apple's labtop batteries used to be removable! Tsk!)

Went Batam, Indonesia for the first time:
Batam is just an hour of ferry trip away from Singapore. No idea what takes my family so long to make a plan there. Batam is really a good place for a short getaway after a week of long hours work. All it needs is just a weekend. I totally love the fact that I can travel without taking any leave from work.

Driving into Johor Bahru with mum and relatives:
Not my first time to JB but this was my first to literally drive in from my house. At the same time, this is also my first time travelling around JB with mum, aunt, cousin and her boyfriend. Though it was just a one day trip, I enjoyed being away from Singapore for a break.

First time cycling with primary classmates after graduation:

I used to cycle to school when I was in primary school. Most of the time, my bicycle was my main transport. At times, I would also cycle with my classmates to travel around Pasir Ris, like to Loyang Point? But after graduation and me moving to the far west, meet up has only been a meetup - food and chit-chatting. So I'm glad to cycle with my primary school classmates again and also looking around at Pasir Ris seeing how much it has changed for the past 10 years.

First travelling trip with all 4 of my ladies:
Though it isn't literally like a 4d3n kind of overseas trip, it was a good start. I had a trip two years ago to Bangkok with the same group of people but missing one. With this, it became my second trip to Batam and both in the same year. What makes the trip different from the previous, other than companions, was that this time was free and easy. We had the time to ourselves to shop and even do hair treatment. Awesome! Totally love the cheap shopping in the supermarket too.

CSCC Christmas Party in a hotel:
The yearly event went atas last year. After years of celebrating in the middle of Orchard Road and later at a chalet house, we celebrated days earlier at Gallery Hotel with pot luck session for our dinner. Because there were many attendees, it didn't cost a lot per pax and it was so much comfortable compared to what we experienced in the past years.

Despite having good and positive times in the year, 2014 is still a disastrous year to the whole world. The worse anyone can ever imagine seems like had all happened within the year. Hence, in the midst of reminiscing the good times, we should not forget many are grieving over the loss of their love ones.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good Mail (Wednes)Day!

Though I don't really blog nowadays, I'm still active with snailmailing. My mailbox is still receiving mails to cheer my days. Yesterday was one of the rare days that my mailbox was full of my incomings. Not just postcards, I also received a big package from my Finnish penpal. Ohyeaaa~~

Here are what's in the package from my Finnish penpal. Mainly food.

Been wanting to try this but always end up didn't get it. Now that my penpal has sent me a set, time to play with fire! hahaha.
More airmail labels for my collection from swaps!
Left: Switzerland; Right: Slovenia 
First time seeing a WebStamp. It sounds convenient to me!

A postcard I won in Weibo.

In China's microblog site - Weibo, snailmailers/postcard sellers always have repost contest to win postcards. It's a good way to earn free postcards. hehehe. (Who doesn't want free stuffs?) Anyway, reposting doesn't harm too.
Back of the postcard.
Totally in love with these cute dolphins when I saw this!
It's a gotochi postcard from my Japanese postcard pal.