Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good Mail (Wednes)Day!

Though I don't really blog nowadays, I'm still active with snailmailing. My mailbox is still receiving mails to cheer my days. Yesterday was one of the rare days that my mailbox was full of my incomings. Not just postcards, I also received a big package from my Finnish penpal. Ohyeaaa~~

Here are what's in the package from my Finnish penpal. Mainly food.

Been wanting to try this but always end up didn't get it. Now that my penpal has sent me a set, time to play with fire! hahaha.
More airmail labels for my collection from swaps!
Left: Switzerland; Right: Slovenia 
First time seeing a WebStamp. It sounds convenient to me!

A postcard I won in Weibo.

In China's microblog site - Weibo, snailmailers/postcard sellers always have repost contest to win postcards. It's a good way to earn free postcards. hehehe. (Who doesn't want free stuffs?) Anyway, reposting doesn't harm too.
Back of the postcard.
Totally in love with these cute dolphins when I saw this!
It's a gotochi postcard from my Japanese postcard pal.

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