Sunday, January 26, 2014

Package from Finland and Korea

So far, in the year 2014, I've received two packages - one from my Finnish penpal and another from my Korean postcard pal.

Starting with the first package from my Finnish penpal, they were filled with awesome stuffs as usual.

Finnish "Bread" and Karl Fazer mint chocolates.
Christmas Shaped-postcards!!! So many of them to add on to my shaped-postcards collection! Yayy!!!
Also, airmail envelopes and priority labels to feed my collection. ♡♡♡
Inside the little container are old stamps.
To save postage cost, she decided to mail me the package and letter separately.

Next is a souvenir package from my Korean postcard pal. We usually send each other postcards but this time, she decided to send me souvenirs from her country. Before hand, she told me she was going buy me presents from Insa-dong in Seoul. According to her, it's a traditional street.

Ginseng on one of the stamps! hahahaha
So many lovely souvenirs!!! Especially those with traditional designs, they look so pretty!!!


  1. The graet gifts:)!

  2. 哇!!好豐富