Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monthly Affair with Singpost for SG50

Mailing physical mails can be really fun, especially when it comes to receiving. To celebrate this special year, Singpost has been releasing monthly SG50 slogan that can be seen on any regular size flat mails that are machine cancelled. I know this is pretty late to share but hey, there are still 9 more designs to collect. Or either, collect those that you like for memory sake. For foreigners, you can get Singaporean snailmailers to help. This applies to postcards as well.

Photo Credit: Singpost

These specially designed slogans are released on every second half of the month - starting from 15 (or later if 15 falls on a weekend) till the month ends. It’s not hard to obtain them unless the mail unluckily receives manual cancelation. Not that it is common, but there is still this (teeny weeny) possibility. So it’s like playing gambling with Singpost. Frustrating, I know! In anyway, snail mail is a gambling game after all (without tracking). Anyhow, these slogans requires effort and determination to take the extra mile to collect them all. (Unless you have a super kind friend who is willing to mail you every month.) This is what I have been working on now. My #projectsg50! Totally can’t wait till December to review the fulfilling results. Nevertheless, I have been having fun digging out stamps for matching stamp and slogans.

Currently, in my mind there’s a project #2 that I hope to be able to work on. Though unrelated to SG50, it’s still about the little pleasures in postal. Hopefully I will get myself into it so I can share.

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  1. I like to collect them too, if you have more stocks.. :)