Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Got Married Global

Honestly, this is my first time following <We Got Married> episode by episode though it has been a popular show over the years. I remember friends telling me to watch cause it's like so sweeeeeeet but I wasn't tempted. Now, I'm finally watching cause I've got my favorites on the show - Hongki and GuiGui! But they are not a couple! (¬_¬) I actually thought about it, what if they were being matched to be a couple. hahahah.

Hongki has been my all-time favorite, also the one, along with his band (FT Island), that got me started about Kpop. (♡′艸`) For GuiGui, if you were in Cpop before, you may have known about her cheeky character through <我愛黑澀會> during her teenage days. She just makes people wonder what she will do next due to her 無理頭 character and she really made me ROFLOLMAO while watching WGMG. But I guess, people who doesn't know her will find her irritating. Then again, that's her. It's her character and she has actually reduced a lot on her mischievous.

What surprised me is Hongki! WHY HE SO ROMANTIC ONEEEEEEE?!!!! HAHAHAHA He also looks so cute being clueless! Hongki is known for his beautiful voice. I believe all his fans would wish he could sing to ourselves, face to face, and melt along with the beautiful voice. (〃▽〃) Just like the way he sang to Mina. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ *envy* (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

Actually what surprised me first was Taecyeon cause I watched GuiTaec (or whatever fans called them) first as I already predicted that this couple would be funny. Like duh! Hahahahaha. I was so surprised with Taec's fluent English! Really surprisingly good! In the past, I only hear Nickhun speaking English but not Taec. He is also such a caring person to the extend, he really looks like GuiGui's dad rather than a husband. Hahahaha.

So, I'm basically laughing and melting away while watching these two couples. What a contrast. (*´艸`*)

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