Friday, August 12, 2011


Previously i introduced デコ電卓 DecoDentaku but i found another better one . Also free but different style . デコ電卓 DecoDentaku is a hime (princess) theme while this KawaiiCalc like the name is more towards the cute theme .

Cute cause the buttons look like biscuits ! But this app doesn't provide 2 or more theme to choose from .

Comparing the functions with デコ電卓 DecoDentaku , though both similarly meets the basic needs , but there's still one difference i like about - backspace button !

Don't you have a time when you accidentally click on the wrong number on a calculator ?

The button beside the 'C' is the backspace button . So now need not to restart calculator due to such minor error .

Notice the smaller numbers with a '+' on its side ? That's the result of calculation so far in case you want to know how much you have calculated . And at the side also reveals which arithmetic operations you have chose to continue with the next set of numbers . A good thing for me since i got STM ! i always in doubt whether i have press the arithmetic operation or not . So i always ended up clicking again and again in case i didn't . >×<

There's also a paid version but is the same thing just that without the advertisement banner .

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