Saturday, August 13, 2011

Smurfs spotted

but actually the purpose of this post is that i wanna show ...

THIS !!! My floral socks from Daiso ! Wahahahaha ~ And sorry no full length shot of me ! >艸<

i know it's kinda hard to match me with floral which is such girly stuffs but now for this summer trend , i got tempted with the high-ankle transparent floral socks which has been trending around ! They look so cute ! And yes , my socks is transparent too except toes , bottom and top !

Aiya ! We only live once , be bold enough to try all styles ! And it's fun ! This is why i like dressing up ! hehehehe .

Here's what i wore to match my footwear :

Okay la , nothing special actually cause i showed my this set of clothing before . >×<

And here's the bunch of smurfs i "met" near The Cathay after school . They were playing freezing soccer ! ^艸^

▲ i suppose these are spectators ?

That's all , bye !

ps. This weekend gonna be madness with birthday celebrations and crazy amount of stuffs to brainstorm . Hope i can complete in time with good quality work ! ´〰`

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