Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taiwan Trip: Day 6 Part 2 野柳 & 陽明山

So on day 6 after lunch , we headed up mountain towards 野柳 (ye liu) . Seriously , i was NOT looking forward to this location at all ! ALL ROCKS (i mean stones rocks sand those rocks) !!! =.=

▲ Long queue of typical tourist waiting for their turn to take photos with the 女王頭 (Queen's head rock) which is the highlight of this place and tourist's favorite rock ! =.=

But i think it's boring and retarded !

Even got direction to the rock !


Since i was there , so just take photos for the sake of having more photos of me ! ^艸^

And there's also a reason why i wasn't looking forward to it . CAUSE I WAS THERE BEFORE ! And the first trip over was already zzz ! But enjoyed myself cause i was having fun taking photos with friends ! wahahahahaa .

As you can see not many photos has been shown about the place , cause me , the typical tourist , has already captured a lot during first trip and here they areeeee .

Say "Hello" to the mascot which is the cartoon version of the Queen's head ! i think it looks sooooooooooo much cuter and worth looking at than the rock !

▲ Cutie version of the rocks !

And i don't know why during the second trip we were not told to watch any documentary about the place but during the first trip , we did !

And guess what ?

i fell asleep ! >×<

On our way to say hello to rocks !

▲ Uneven walkway .

▲ Statue of a hero ! i know cause i was so bored that i read the information !

▲ Beside me is the information about this hero !

And cause we were bored and didn't want to walk down further , so we camwhored with timer and even tried many many jump shots !

▲ Just wanna show my camera's zoom is super good ! hahahaha

After standing under the sun for a long time , we grabbed a drink BUT we need to grab some food too ! Cause we need to settle our lunch THERE !

So we randomly popped into a seafood restaurant . Apparently , there was a whole stretch of such restaurants .

These were what we ordered :

Not that nice but at least managed to keep us out of hunger .

Andddddddd ...

BACK TO DAY 6 ! Now next stop - 陽明山 (yang ming shan) for hot spring session but me and my mother skipped it . During my first trip , i skipped it as well ! hehehe .

But first thing that comes to my mind was hot spring at yang ming shan ? But isn't there all trees and flowers ? Cause during my first trip , i went there to see mother nature ...

But actually , there's a hot spring hotel located there ! The place is ulu ! Sadly there isn't anything outside for me to walk around like 烏來 (wu lai) . So i can only walked around and inside out of the hotel .

▲ it's hot water ! Damn shiok for the cold temperature then !

And guess what ? THERE'S WIFI IN THE HOTEL !!! So i spent the remaining time to be online on facebook and whatsapp to keep in touch with my dear friends over here in Singapore ! And also check-in in foursquare ! hehehe .

Booked in to Hyatt Hotel before heading to Shihlin Market to spend the last night in Taiwan !

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  1. Woah! Those rocks are awesome!! Though I agree, the cartoon versions are much cuter to look at. It looks like an awesome time, and like it's a lot of fun, and that food looks so delicious! @.@ Love these updates!