Sunday, June 19, 2011

デコ電卓 DecoDentaku

It means Deco Calculator . Hime gyraru (princess gal)'s favourite ! ^^ But it's not a physical product . Cause it's an app for iphone ! And yes , another #freeapp ! ♥

Actually i have been using this for very long time . Almost as long as the age of my iphone ! Isn't this looking so much cute and prettier than the phone's default calculator ?

By clicking the heart shape button , it will navigate you to choose the theme of you choice .

Though there's only 3 color theme , but at least better than nothing right ? All still look super bling in its 2D form !

★DecoDentaku in another 2 colors :

Function wise i've got nothing to comment about since it's like any other typical basic calculator . But seriously , most of the time we are only required to do simple calculation like divide to check each person pay how much , total spend how much , what is the price after discount etc . Unless you tell me you use sin cos tan during your shopping trip ! ≧×≦

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