Thursday, June 16, 2011

OPI Blue Shatter

Ever since i know about this amazing shatter thing , i have been tempting to get one and try ! The result simply looks so chio after just one application ! What an easy diy nail art 〜! 〵^∀^〳 But shatter lacquer isn't cheap OR if is cheap (but also won't be cheap like less than 5bucks) , it won't be easy to get/find . >꒢<

Actually i also don't know what struck me to get this OPI shatter lacquer at Robinsons which costs SGD23.55 . Maybe it was too tempting as it sat on the top shelves . ^艸^ But i'm glad i got it !!! Cause during payment , i was then realized that there was 20% off (don't know was it storewide sales) plus absorbed GST ! So in the end i saved about 5bucks !!! Wooohoooo〜 ^∀^∨ #cheapdeal

AND SO , this OPI Blue Shatter lacquer is one of the new (blue) range released recently and it's my FIRST bottle of OPI ! ≧∀≦

★ OPI released 3 tones of blue shatter and this is the mid-tone ! The other 2 colors are turquoise and navy blue .

★ i was too excited to try this new toy , so i just applied on my already-polished-nails . And the blue shatter looks matte without any top coat on it . Actually there's also tiny little glittering in the blue too , so is not 100% matte .

★ With top coat , the blue looks much striking .

Although the result looks pretty but i find it hard to apply . Cause it dries fast and creates particles on the brushes making it harder to apply . Plus thinner the layer the more shattered it will be (of course nicer too) , so need to control the amount on the brush too . If the layer is too thick , it won't shatter much and will end up almost like apply a normal lacquer . ´●꒢●`

Nevertheless , it's my new nail art toy now ! hehehehehe ^艸^

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