Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taiwan Trip: Day 2 九份 & 火車

And now , i'm finally continuing about my taiwan trip(s) ! hehehehe ^艸^ So on day 2 , our first station was 九份 (jiu fen) ! i simply loves this place cause of the damn awesome food only available there ever since my first trip there . ♥

The timings i went were funny/weird/ridiculous too - first time i went was quite late while the second time was too early . =.= So basically the first time i went , when i was about to leave , almost all shops are closed . Then the second time i arrived , almost all shop are still closed . You can also say i've seen them open shop and close shop . >×<

★ This is what you will see if you walk all the way up to the top of jiufen ! Another note , jiufen is located distances away from the taipei city .

Photos from my first trip :

★ It becomes a famous place due to the movie 《悲情城市》/ (1989) which was filmed here .

★ This is a die die must have back at that moment of time ! Cause we were bloody freezing in the cold rain (back then was winter turning summer but weather will still be freezing cold when raining) , hence we needed something hot/warm !

In jiufen , the must-eat-dish gonna be 芋圓 (yu yuan) . DAMN AWESOME OKAY ?! So chewy !!! Better than the inspired (hahahhaha) ones in Singapore !

★ This bowl of yu yuan is from the first store that sells yu yuan when walking up the streets . Actually that time they already closing , but when they realized we were tourists and haven't tried before they made a bowl for us ! i supposed those are kept for themselves . (There's also a little behind story . Part of the memory with her . π﹏π)

This bowl we tried the soup/syrup is the grass jelly drink .

★ On my first trip , i walked up the streets with Wenjing and Zhanwang . We didn't give up , so we walked up further and we found this ! THE TRADITIONAL BEST YU YUAN !!!! (^ɜ^)-♥♥♥

This is the one i love max !!! MUST EAT !!! *thumbs up* If i didn't remember wrongly , there's a choice of served hot or cold . Both times i ordered hot cause winter season ! =.= But for this i got idea/forgot what the soup/syrup is . i think is 甜水/湯 !

On my second trip , i wanted to buy uncooked yu yuan home lo but the uncle say cannot cause must cook and finish by night time ! And the problem is i won't be home until days after ! Aiyoooo 〜 ´●꒢●`

And now , i'm missing the chewiness of this best yu yuan i ever eaten ! >Д<

Ohya , on my second trip , the tour guide never mention a single thing about yu yuan lo ! Or if he did , that means he NEVER introduced anything about which yu yuan outlet is the best etc ! But when i was dining , another group of fellow Singaporeans was brought there by their tour guide ! Damn not fair lo ! If i hadn't know about this food/shop , i would have totally missed it !!!

Of course , not to forget the super traditional interior of the shop's dining area ! And i think near evening time the place will look nicer with lighted lanterns . Got the olden days feel ! ^艸^

★ Can see the
李儀餅店 ? i think it has the best 奶油太陽餅 (nai you tai yang bing) ! Normally such shops sells taiyangbing instead of nai you tai yang bing , but i think nai you tai yang bing is so much nicer ! The nai you is so heavenly !!! ♥

And according to feedback from my friends , this outlet ONLY nai you tai yang bing is nice ! The rest *ahem*cannot make it*ahem* !

This outlet is located opposite 7-11 store . Actually this area is also at the "front door" of jiufen . So is not hard to find ! From what i have seen , it seems tour guides won't bring their group of tourists to that shop ! They bring to where they think is the best or where they can earn some profit . And so , tourists often missed out the best out of the best even when the place is so near them and actually they don't know ! ꉺДꉺ

* jiufen outlet is the main outlet . it also has a branch in taipei !

And now back to my second trip day 2 ! After jiufen , we went somewhere but i don't know where (taoyuan ?) for lunch first before taking the choo-choo train over to 花蓮 (hualien) .

At the train station ! Seriously is those old kind of train stations ! Since now Taiwan has 高鐵 (high speed rail) , not many take such trains already . Unless on budget ! Cause this one is cheaper than high speed rail .

★ Outside the station .

★ In Taiwan , mountain is the most common scenery ! it's EVERYWHERE !!!

★ it says i'm at 羅東 station but i got no idea where this place is and this place got what . Totally looks like an ulu place to me ! XD

★ Very vintage right ? ^×^

★ After all the inside of the train not as vintage as i thought ! Everything looks quite new ! i was looking forward experiencing with the interior like those in old movies . #toomuchmovies

★ Model/actress 蔣怡 on the back of every chair . No idea who she is ? Recall 籃球火 & 泡沫之夏 ! ^^

★ Sea view is another common scenery during traveling in Taiwan !

★ So quiet and ulu ! >艸<

★ Walking out of the station , i noticed this ! Doesn't it look like Singapore Esplanade ? ^艸^

Alright , shall stop here for now ! To be continued with more activities/places for Day 2 ...

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