Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Irritating and never ending

i feel i'm back to square one again .

Ever since my mum saw results slip with just-passed-grades , she has been trying to brainwash me to quit studying design and move on to business path . i thought this topic has ended last year but it seems to be back again and require me to re-decide my choice once again . yes , once again ! damn !

i seriously want to quit thinking about this and continue with what i have now . How i wish i can have a choice of doing what i want and allow to fight till the last chapter . Actually after a year of being messed up with school , it has seriously made me think if i can survive in the future career years . But the thing is i just started it ! Who knows i will improve and get better ? But ... what if i didn't ?

Seriously , i don't like serious office style of work . i prefer jobs i can enjoy at the same time but sadly , these jobs seem to be rather hard to earn big bucks . That's what my mum now brainwashing me ! She keeps repeating herself since very very long time ago about my relatives who studied and worked in business line are earning big bucks with high bonuses . i seriously hate to face the cruelty of reality in Singapore where job opportunities are not as much as overseas . Design/media jobs can earn big bucks too but reality is you must have a marvelous creative skills or have an outstanding years of experience or a name for yourself .

My mum also mentioned if i don't do well in my second year , i have to return the sum of school fees money to my dad after third year and start working ! zzz totally wtf ! Every time likes throw bad remarks to me rather than giving me more confidence ! =.=

But if i change to business studies , i don't know what to study ! i don't want to studying accounting !!! And i also scare all the business theory will make me go numb ! π﹏π On the other , who knows i may be better on this field and can/will do well ?

i'm totally stuck . Standing at nowhere ! >Д< i think i can never escape this problem till i have a job with good income ! zzzz Honestly , who doesn't want to earn big bucks and lead a good life ? But is chances don't come easily - need time and big sum of money !

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh ~

Don't know if i should quit design and join the typical route , which i have no idea what is it about . But i think most schools have already started and have to wait for new academic year which gonna be next year i suppose .

Or quit design and work in the business line first before joining business courses .

Or quit everything and set up my own fashion business .

Or basically just continue from where i am now (studying design) and try my best . But on a side note , my current school fees is heavy without any government subsidize . So , if seriously continuing means there will be no way back to change my decision in future since already paid a bomb for it .

好煩啊~!!!! If only money falls from the sky , then i won't have anything to worry about already ! π﹏π

If you were in my shoes , what decision will you make ? i need advice !!! π﹏π

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