Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taiwan Trip: Day 3 高雄 Part 2

★ Alert: With a mini-game within the post . #noprize ★

Sky has turned dark like Singapore's about 8-9pm onwards . But actually in Taiwan , darkness appear earlier than Singapore . Arriving at our third destination in Kaohsiung , it was about 6pm !

Need to cross the road to destination ! But heavy traffic !!! #jaywalk

▲ Can you see where we heading to ?

▲ Looks like Singapore's Clarke Quay !

Yes , we got the chance to have a ride on a boat along 愛河 (ai he / Lover River) . Like Taipei's 漁人碼頭 (yu ren ma tou) , there's 情人橋 (Lover's bridge) . And Kaohsiung has Lover River .

Actually during my first trip , tour guide told us about it . i didn't expect that i would be there but it was unexpectedly boring . Everywhere everything is in darkness , i couldn't see anything unless there's lights shining on ! #wastemoneyandtime

▲ See ?! Even inside the boat is like total blackout ! Orh-orh one !

Nothing to do so i just spammed my camera's shutter with the surrounding scenery . And if you are feeling bored now and thought these photos are boring , WAKE UP !!!

Time to spot BIRDS in the photos !!!

i know sounds wtf ! hahahaha . Don't say i'm bad that i don't give clue ! Look out for this kaomoji - (∪ᴥ∪)⚑ - on top of the photos ! Cause it means there's a (hidden) bird in the photo !





i think we reached the end and the boat did a u-turn from this point of time .

▲ There's a bridge but i can't see it except for the green lights along it ! wth !




▲ Whole time trying to get a good shot of this dog under bad lighting . but still #fail ! >꒢<

And so did you manage to find all 7 birds ? i actually made them (very) obvious by increasing the exposure ! #gamefail Otherwise , only black figure can be spotted with shiny eyes .

But to be honest , i don't know is real birds or not . i didn't see them fly or move but stone ! >艸< And till now i don't know which is 愛河橋 (ai he qiao) . We did past under bridges BUT all got camouflage in darkness how to recognize them ?

But i suppose is the one we last saw at the "ending point" ? #guessonly

So that's all for Lover River . Next destination and was also the last one for Kaohsiung is a night market ! Awesomeeeeee !!! i love Taiwan's night market ! Good food and cheap deals ! (Y)

So here's 六合夜市 (Liu He Night Market) !

▲ Orh-ah (oyster) mee sua ?

i didn't eat a lot cause i wanted to shop and also no food tempted me ! Opps ! ^艸^ And i think i only got an item from Liuhe Night Market . Or plus leggings too ? (Leggings are ultra cheap and pretty in Taiwan .)

▲ Monster Fur boots !

Got this cause it was trendy for winter season back then . #typicaltrendfollwer And Singapore don't sell such boots too . Plusssssssss NT300 ONLY !!! Means it only cost about SGD13 !

Cheap and cute ! ♥⍵♥

During my trip , i was seeking for 50嵐 (50lan) too ! They are the original of Singapore's KOI ! And they don't bring in milk tea with (egg) pudding , so die die must drink while in Taiwan ! i was sooooooo excited when i finally found the shop !

▲ Very nice okay ?! ^艸^

Booked in to another hotel which is located at an ulu location . But i still insisted to go out and walk around . Since we were already outside Singapore , why sleep early ? Agree ?

But seriously the place is so ulu . Nothing nice to shop ! Nearby is like some super old abandon street and even have to walk past a wet market (obviously closed at night) .

Howeverrrrrr , miraculously i managed to get a top from an old uncle . And the plus thing is IT'S A TRENDY TOP (also during that winter season) ! A nordic print long sleeve top !

▲ And guess how much ?

NT100 !!! Means about SGD4 !!! Where got such good deal in Singapore ? In my opinion , Kaohsiung fashion stuffs are seriously cheap !

Actually before flying to Taiwan , i did ask my Kaohsiung friend to recommend places to go . Though i didn't manage to visit these places , but i shall still share here (cause next time i can still refer in case i lost my records) .

Liuhe Night Market isn't the only night market in Kaohsiung . Basically it's a tourist attraction spot so is common for tour agencies to bring groups over plus is near the train station .

The other night market is 瑞豐夜市 (Rui Feng Night Market) . According to my friend , Ruifeng Night Market is more for the locals or rather more locals patronize there . And the night market also has more variety of clothes and accessories . For food , she recommended 勿必烈 (wu bi lie / is actually a mixed vegetable dish) , 全家福牛排 (quan jia fu niu pai) , 月亮蝦餅 (yue liang song bing) and 鬆餅先生 (song bing xian sheng) .

The third night market is 新崛江夜市 (Xin Jue Jiang Night Market) but my friend said it is more like 西門町 (Xi Men Ding) rather than a night market .

Andddddddd finally that's all for Kaohsiung ! Ohya ! And the day i was at Kaohsiung was Christmas Eve , so the next post gonna be about my 2010 Christmas day - journey heading towards Taichung ! (٨ ⍵ ٨)〳♥

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