Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taiwan Trip: Day 3 高雄 Part 1

Like the title , on Day 3 we headed to 高雄(Kaohsiung) ! And it reminds me of a song about Kaohsiung by 宇宙人 (yu zhou ren) .

♫ 要去高雄~ 要去高雄~ ♪

Like so high right to go Kaohsiung ? And Kaohsiung seems to be another hot spot other than the Taiwan's most advanced city , Taipei . Yes ? No ? Actually i got no idea yes or no . i just feel like it is . Maybe cause i heard quite a lot about Kaohsiung other than Taipei ?

Anyhow , long bus trip again till butt cracked still haven't reached ! And i think the bus did drive past 小林村 (xiao ling cun) where the 88 Taiwan typhoon and flood occurred in 2009 (but not too sure cause i don't know where is the exact location) . Flat piece of land with debris scattering around ! π﹏π If you want a clear picture of the after scenario , watched 's behind the scene !

Enough of the sad part of South Taiwan .

i forgot was it before we left hotel or during toilet break before settling at a random restaurant for lunch , i saw an overdue event banner on a bus .

But who cares ?! Cause my focus is :

WAHAHAHAHAHA Never thought i would "see" him while in Taiwan ! #fanmodeon

Continue bus ride to a random restaurant for lunch . Seriously random cause it's situated at an ulu location . Like on the deserted highway out of no where there's stores/restaurants . Get it ? But this will never happen or be seen in this small country !

▲ Super budget and non-environmental friendly restaurant ! Disposable cup and even the bowl for soup ! #governmentneedstodosomething PLEASE SAVE THE EARTH , fellow humans !

After lunch , continued our journey towards Kaohsiung ! In total wasted about 5 damn hours just to get there ON THE BUS . From morning traveled till almost late noon though with breaks in between . Totally wasting 5 hours of my precious time at overseas ! OVERSEAS leh ! zzzz ttm ! #thatswhyihatetour

Nice sea view on the way .

And sooooooo , finally arrived at our first destination in Kaohsiung - Dream Mall !

▲ Can you spot the Ferris Wheel ? it's Hello Kitty and Sanrio friends themed !

Since that Ferris Wheel is a highlight , so went up to take photos ! Not to have a ride ! #wastetimeonly Luckily not inside package ! Cause rode once at 美麗華 (mei li hua) during my first trip and was sian max ! #hearthesnores

Took typical tourist snaps ! But i'm a tourist after all !

▲ Hello Kitty Ticket Booth ! Like not so appealing lei ! >×<

▲ The plants are super cute right ?! Trimmed to a Mickey head shape ! #whysingaporenohavesuchstuffs

▲ Hello Kitty push cart stores ! i think these are cuter than the Ferris Wheel lo !

There was some time left , so did a quick shopping ! Rushed and even more rushed ! Super sian ! Whole time all my shopping need to rush and decide fast ! #cannotfindmoregoodstuffs π﹏π

On the way to board the bus , i saw this funny signboard :

▲ Hit dog love motel ? #directtranslate

▲ Front view of Dream Mall before boarding the bus .

Next destination is 高雄85大樓 (Kaohsiung 85 da lou / Tuntex Sky Tower) . Taipei has 101 , Kaohsiung has 85 !

The Chinese characters out the building is actually the name of the hotel ! The building is also part of a hotel . Heard from tour guide singers will stay inside whenever there's concert in Kaohsiung . And during that time , the streets around the hotel will be flooded with fans ! But i don't know how true since i don't live there nor experience it !

▲ On the way up to the top to the sightseeing level on the fastest lift !

▲ As the lift gets higher , the inside becomes darker and ultra pretty ! Got the night time starry feel like you are in space already ! i got amaze by it ! Never thought this would happen !

But as we reached the level , lift turns back to normal like you see the transition in the photos !

▲ A photo of a photo of how the whole building looks like .

Time for sightseeing ! *looking down on the land of Kaohsiung*

▲ This photo is act one ! i didn't insert coins to use it .

▲ Like so emo !

And guess what ?!!! We can even see the place of our previous destination (Dream Mall) !!!

▲ Lights on Ferris Wheel made it obvious !

And i was obviously zooming . And it was really hard to get a clear shot with bad lighting and ultra zoom . #itslikethisoneunlesswithtripod

▲ Without zoom ! Can you spot and see how far Dream Mall is from Tuntex Sky Tower ?

Needless to say , i know my camera's zoom is very powder-ful (powerful) ! hehehe

▲ Before we left , i saw this and also took a photo with my phone . Main purpose is to facebook tag @miss pan ! Cause look like her ! hahahahahaha #evilfriend

▲ A red Christmas tree found on level 1 of the building .

To be continued with Part 2 of Kaohsiung trip . ♥

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