Friday, July 15, 2011

Mobile Expense Tracker - Toshl

*Expenses amount are blurred to remain confidential for my own privacy .

For someone like me who likes to do shopping (often on unnecessary stuffs) and spends a lot on school materials , i feel that it is useful to have somewhere to record all expenses . By doing this , you will know where all your money has flown to . And at a certain point of time , you will be amazed by the amount you spent ! REALLY !

But must really be hardworking enough to record every single thing , then it will meet its purpose . Maybe missed out a few expenses (not within a day) isn't much a big deal . So , it must be something that is convenient to bring out right ?

An expenditure book may be what many records on . But to me , there will be days i will start to be lazy to bring out and also impossible for me to record while outside . So i chose to record with an app since my handphone will definitely be with me anytime anywhere .

Yes , i use Toshl !

In fact , i have tried many such related apps but many don't meet my needs ! Most of them are just for you to record how much you spent , but didn't let you record where you spend as well . Without knowing where my money has flown to , i would say strategy fail ! #defeatpurpose

Toshl , like most apps , allows users to see their total expenses and also daily expenses ! So this part i have nothing to share further .

But in this app , users can create many many tags for that one expense ! Some apps can only have a tag/category for that one expense which i don't like !

On the create page can see tags that are created before .

And reason why i prefer more tags is like , example for school , i spend quite a lot in Fancy Paper and Art Friend . As a result , i want to find out how much i have spent in this 2 shops as well as the total i have spent for school (cause in the end i will still need to get other miscellaneous stuffs needed for school) .

Another example , more closely to gals , is categorizing shopping expenses like creating tags for Watson , Canmake , Majolica Majorca , etc . This way i can track how much i have spent in total in Watson as well as for the following brands .

Useful right ? hehehehe

▲ To check the total expense in each tag (category) .

▲ To track/show expenses within which time span .

Yes , good thing is the data can be recorded and saved into Toshl server . Means can check them online too ! (Cause using Toshl needs an account but free for sure !)

Eh , can also set budget !

▲ But i never use it ! hahahahaha cause confirm over-budget !

Hope this app helps you to track your money well and make you learn to control self from spending more . (٨ ᴥ ٨)∨

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