Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gyaru Online

i wonder how many know 'gal' is the English word for Japanese word 'gyaru (ギャル)' . Cause it's quite a common word in Singapore BUT may highly recognize as a twit word (eg. gurl , boi , euu , mii , okie , harts , lurb etc) which it has mixed into . If you think gal also means girl , you are wrong cause girl is gaaru (ガール) !

Okay whatever . Cause this isn't my focus for now . But is something related too ! About gyaru ! Gyaru models' web show by TBS ー ギャルトーク天国 (gyaru toku tengoku) . (٨ ∀ ٨)ノ

Actually i just found out about it recently but this show has been broadcasting on the net every Tuesday since last November on ustream and youtube . But i see that it isn't trending on this red dot , so i thought why not do a post and share . ^^

▲ Here's a print screen from its official site .

Honestly , i haven't really watched a full episode . i only watched a part here and there . Like a few clips ? Reason because there's no sub ! π﹏π Plus i feel it's like Taiwan Channel V's 我愛黑澀會 (wo ai hei se hui) with a topic in each episode to discuss on . So there's a lot of talking , crapping and joking around throughout the whole show . For someone like me who only can understand basic few words will end up getting bored especially if there are more discussion then seeing items .

♥ Kanako-cyan sharing her wigs/extensions :

♥ Kanako-cyan (again) talking about falsies :

Kay la ! i'm Kanako-cyan bias ! hehehe But don't you think she got a cute and fun character ? ^艸^ Actually i like her is not because of this reason but she has the dressing style i like - gal rock style ! wooohoooo ~ \m/

Anyway , in the show , you will see models from popular gyaru magazines like Popteen , Ranzuku and egg !

You can choose to watch the show on either hosting site:

* Both has no subtitles .

For updates regarding the show like finding out what's going on behind-the-scene , you can 'like' their facebook page OR follow their twitter (but all in Japanese) .

♥ × ♥ × ♥ × ♥ × ♥ × ♥ × ♥

If you are readers of JELLY magazine , this is for you ! ^^

JELLY magazine has gotten itself online and bringing in real-time updates for their readers . And even better , all the behind-the-scene which we can't see on their monthly magazine are being shared too .

Being thoughtful , the team created facebook pages for three languages - English , Chinese and of course , Japanese . On top of that , few days ago , they created Youtube . So now , readers can have a clearer view of the making of this magazine . Like the audition for new model which just ended and of course the most common scene which is models doing their shoots .

★ Giveaway :
JELLY magazine is now doing a giveaway till end of July . You don't have to do anything in order to get the items other than selecting which item you want . To join the giveaway , simply just 'Like' any of their official facebook pages if you haven't , then click on the 'present' application on the left sidebar .

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Since i'm on the topic of gyaru online , i'm gonna share another site too . But it isn't so much about gyaru but rather , fashion trends in Tokyo .

Many should have heard about Tokyo Kawaii especially through Xiaxue and Cheesie who have been filmed by the team . But the problem will always be - the show isn't available in Singapore , so where can i watch ?

So now , i'm gonna answer you ! i've actually always been watching Tokyo Kawaii and got addicted because this Japanese blogger has been embedding the episodes on her site . Though the video isn't translate with sub , but the blogger is nice enough to do a summary of what's going on in English . Plus Tokyo Kawaii is actually interesting to watch even if you don't understand what they say . But of course , the blogger's summaries do help a lot with the understanding .

Good things doesn't come easily . As a result , the episodes are not that updated . But to think on a brighter side , at least now we can watch the episodes with better understanding through the summaries . Unless , there's someone who knows and willing to share a website that embed/post the show with subtitles and even more updated .

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That's all for now ! Enjoy "stalking" the gyaru scene ! ^艸^

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