Monday, July 18, 2011

Zhanwang's 22nd Celebration

it's actually been some time since we gathered for a meal ever since the 21st special celebration (99% at chalet) starts trending this year . But of course , this time round isn't just an usual gathering but to celebrate Zhanwang's 22nd . Wenjing organized it at Holland V's Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao and we had xiao long bao buffet + steamboat .

i've actually heard about this xlb buffet + steamboat since last year but haven't had the chance to dine in . Plus dining there isn't easy like their other outlets cause it's always full house ! And unlucky me , the day we dined in was my second day wearing braces - weak teeth ! #wasted

▲ The guys + Kiantiong and Genli who joined in later on .

▲ The gals .

▲ As usual , one spicy while the other half is non-spicy .

▲ No space on our table so these were place the side on a trolley .

And so , いただきます〜!

▲ Free flow of xiao long bao ! The highlight of this outlet !

▲ Beancurd !

After dinner , time for celebration !

▲ With his mini birthday cake .

▲ He was too touched already ! WAHAHAHAHA !

▲ But he said cake not nice ! And actually the cake is Kerwin's favorite and cake was bought by Kerwin and Weimin !

Time to unwrap present !

▲ Typical Singaporean checking if anymore present was still left inside the wrapping !

▲ Wearing a gray shirt while receiving another gray shirt .

▲ Plus a wallet too !

Our dinning slot was rather late - 10pm to 12midnight . Since buses and trains' services has already ended , so everyone except Nathan headed to Seto's house after the celebration . Actually most of them their motive was to play mahjong .

▲ Wenjing's new toy !

▲ Belinda trying out photography app on her ipad .

▲ Playing spot-the-difference .

▲ Can see the poker cards at the bottom right corner ? We played one round only and stopped playing cause everyone lazy to shuffle and continue game . hahahahaha .

So , through the night me and Wenjing rotting at one corner playing Words and Hanging on our iphone . We didn't sleep a wink for the whole night . And had McDonald's breakfast (i couldn't eat the muffins so had hotcakes instead π﹏π) before heading home to sleep .

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