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Taiwan Trip: Day 1 漁人碼頭, 淡水老街 & 西門町

Back blogging about Taiwan ! Though it has been months since i returned and a number have already traveled and back from there , but i dont care la ! i'll just blog about it . In months/years to come , it may be my reference if i forgot about the little stuffs i did there (actually i already forgot most of the details ^艸^) .

And i can't believe till so long i'm still in Day 1 of my second trip ! >Д< Looks like i've got too much to share ! Anyhow , this post gonna be about 漁人碼頭 (yu ren ma tou) , 淡水老街 (dan shui lao jie) & 西門町 (ximending) . i also added photos from my first trip ! ^^

♡ ❝ And so i'm back to this place called 漁人碼頭 again with this famous 情人橋 (Lover's bridge) ! ❞

And Lover's bridge actually has 99steps ! Which also means for couple , to last long (99=久久) !

♡ ❝ This time round with family ! ❞

♡ ❝ View from the start of the bridge after walking up the 99 stairs . ❞

♡ ❝ Due to time constraint , this time round i didnt get to explore that much like my previous trip . Up the bridge , snapped some photos and down the bridge ! Boring yea ? ´꒢` ❞

◀◀ Rewind back to my 2010 April's trip◀◀

♡ ❝ With Rachel , Irene and Wenjing ! ❞

♡ ❝ View from the end of the Lover's bridge ❞

♡ ❝ After the bridge is a beautiful sea view . Another bridge for you to feel the sea breeze ! ❞

* The area where i shot this photo also got a street artist who draws faces for people . And of course have to pay la ! =.=

End of bridge below is an arcade with those ufo catcher .

♡ ❝ Taiwan's ufo catcher is awesome ! Not that the machine is different but the service !!! The staffs are so willing to help you adjust the position ! And if you have spent a certain amount and still didnt manage to catch it , they will give it to you ! Or , you can buy it straight ! The amounts are all written and stuck to every machine ! ❞

In Singapore where got such good deal ?! sighhhh ~

♡ ❝ Actually the arcade not that big . It's just a small and simple one ! ❞

♡ ❝ Just outside the arcade there's snacks stores / little cafe for you to grab some bites . ❞

Nearby 漁人碼頭 is 淡水老街 (Tamshui Old Street) ! The stuffs sold there are cheap too !!! Abit like Shihlin Night Market just that over there the area is combination food and shopping unlike Shihlin Night Market is separated into 2 areas - food and shopping !

I didnt really get to shop the whole area of (Tamshui Old Street) before but from what I saw it seems quite a big area and can be a cheap and trendy shopping place !

♡ ❝ The shop tour guide introduced during my second trip . ❞

♡ ❝ Fried sotong ! ❞

And due to time constraint again , i didnt get to walk/eat a lot . But at least i managed to shop a stretch of street ! hehehehe ! But hor , I still think could get many stuffs over there if i had the time then ! ):

◀◀ Rewind back to my 2010 April's trip again hehehehe ◀◀

Heading to Tamshui Old Street , we went to dine in Bigtom , an ice-cream shop like Hagen-Daz , Ben & Jerry , etc . And if you have watched the Taiwan drama , 海派甜心 , the icecream shop that was filmed is one of Bigtom's outlet !

♡ ❝ Menu ! ❞

♡ ❝ Rooftop dining area ! ❞

♡ ❝ Right bottom one is mine ! But i already forgot what i ordered ! But i think it's nice ! Good quality ice cream ! If i didnt remember wrongly , it doesn't melt easily and will like "stretch" a bit ! ❞

♡ ❝ Outside view . Actually this building belongs to Bigtom ! Nice place to slack ! Plus i suppose if sitting at the rooftop sea breeze can be felt since it's by the side only ! ❞

Actually on the way walking down Tamshui Old Street , we got stuck in another arcade with the ufo catcher again ! We spent some time catching ! & I CAUGHT A STITCH ! hehehehe

Walking through several streets and missed many possible shops to shop due to time constraint , we went to 阿婆鐵蛋 shop straight , a famous 鐵蛋 shop in Tamshui (特產) ! Tour guide told us one thing which i didnt notice - the ah ma was sitting inside the shop and at the back is a big photo of her with the 鐵蛋 ! So apparently , she was the one who made/invented it !

♡ ❝ Another famous food in Tamshui Old Street (but i dont know which shop is the best , all looks the same .) ! ❞

♡ ❝ There's a Metro Station nearby ! So it seems quite convenient to get to this place ! ❞

And next up is XIMENDING !!! The youth paradise for youngsters to hang out and shop !

♡ ❝ Tour guide for Trip 2 only brought us to this shop and i dislike bitter gourd ! =.= ❞

And for this ximending trip , we only got like 1 or 2 hours to shop ! Definitely NOT enough for such a big place and there's so much stuffs to explore ! So end up super rush but i still managed to get stuffs (had to make super quick decisions ! Sighhh~) ! XD

◀◀ Rewind back to my 2010 April's trip again hehehehe ◀◀

♡ ❝ Eating the famous meesua 阿宗麵線 with roadside style ! ❞

* 西門町總店:台北市峨嵋街8號之1

♡ ❝ They provide chairs only ! To practice the tradition of past when people squat / sit on stools at roadside to eat ! ❞

♡ ❝ Maid's Cafe ❞

During my first trip , i went ximending twice , so here's the last day which i spent at ximending with friends ! We took the Metro over !

♡ ❝ Singapore use ezlink card to scan . In Taiwan , they use chips to scan . But i think chips are for one trip use . If for often usage , they also use cards like us too . Yes ? No ? ❞

♡ ❝ In ximending there's alot of 麻辣火鍋 shops and not only that , majority provide Hagen Daz and Movenpick icecream ! ❞

♡ ❝ KFC breakfast ! ❞

My male friends also did haircuts before leaving for Singapore . The results were nice and the pricing is about SGD20(?) !

(Back to 2010 December trip)

Before my day 1 tour ended , we had xiao long bao treats (of a variety flavors) but then each person can only eat one ! =.= And don't ask me what is what cause i already forgot , so just enjoy the photos of the food ! ):

♡ ❝ Dessert ! ❞

And finally , TO HOTEL FOR A NIGHT REST !!! Hotel is located in a ulu area in Taoyuan ! Super ulu ! Actually looks more like a resort to me cause nearby is golf course !

♡ ❝ Let down my hair and got amaze with the big curls ! To think back , actually nothing to be surprise of since i tied bun for more than 24 hours ! ❞

♡ ❝ With new beanie bought at xinmending ! hehehehe ❞

WOOHOOOOO ~~~ i finally ended Day 1 post with 3 locations ! And in my opinion , 淡水老街 is another good location to shop for cheap trends . As for 西門町 , needless to say is definitely the trendiest place for youngsters . However for pricing wise is about like Singapore's pricing (eg a top for about 20-30bucks ?) unless you have time/lucky to come across shops with cheap deals ! But it is still worth visiting cause afterall it is still a famous shopping spot in Taipei ! (^ɜ^)ゞ-♥

To be continued with Day 2 ...

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