Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Party like a Rockstar

Last assignment for my photography module is Theme Photography ! i think it's the most awesome and coolest assignment ever ! One word - FUN ! Cause when you see the photos , they are all amazing and we enjoyed the process !!! it's like how often do you get to shoot such photos ? (Maybe not totally enjoying cause our @^#*!^$*! lecturer kept counting down the time telling us we were running out of time at the same time ! And we had to rush ! Zzzz ~)

Before you start criticizing the photos , fyi , we aren't some professionals in photography nor having an awesome studio to ourselves . We are only students ! We just started experimenting with the lightings this year ! ^ ⍵ ^

So the my group did was Hollywood stars (walking on the red carpet) .

2 of my favorites from the chunks of photos :

Taken by me (photoshop-ed) :

Semester ending soon ! Now i'm on the very last lap towards next Tuesday and i can say さよなら to Level 1 life !

That' all for now !
じゃね〜 ^^

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