Sunday, March 20, 2011

デコレター Deco Letter

Ohyessss ! i found a super kawaii mailbox app ! Shall share with you guys now ! *sexcited*

i believe most people should know Japanese uses email instead of phone numbers . Hence they are able to send cute emoticons or short message/phrase other than those provided by iphone . But we can't ! We can only admire those emoticons ! FOL !

But nowwww , i found an app which allows us to email with emoticons too ! AND GOT INBOX TOO !!! Cause earlier those cute mailbox app i found don't have inbox ! Only allow me send ! =.=

Okay la , so this new "toy" i've found is デコレター , also known as Deco Letter ! Best of all , compared to those useless no inbox cute mailbox app , IT SUPPORTS ENGLISH !!! No more guessing or try-and-error to know what is what already ! Wooohoooo ~

♡ Seeeeee ? Readable language for non-Japanese ! Plus with inbox ! hehehehe

♡ Cute emoticon within the app ! (^ɜ^)ゞ♥♥♥

♡ Cute divider too !

♡ Cute short messages/phrases !

And you know what ?!

We can even kope (steal) emoticons and messages/phrases from emails we receive and save them into the app !!!!

(DIY CHEAT : Kope from somewhere and paste into an email . Then send it to the email address you using for this app ! *support gmail only*)

i know you are tempted to download ! hahahaha ~ But before that , i wanna point out one thing ! Among so many wow points , there's also a boo point ! THE APP WON'T ALERT YOU NEW INCOMING MAIL !!! So you have to manual check yourself ! =.=

But then again , this is already the best app , and also FREE , i can find for mailbox with cute emoticons ! Unless someone found a better one .... TELL MEEEEEEE !!! ≧艸≦

★㎰. You can email me at . i'm playing using this email for this app ! But i may / may not reply you depends on my mood/level of busyness ! >∀<


  1. Thanks for the post, I was looking for something like this to compete with the cute emails in Japan. But the program doesn't work right. Any luck with something new?

  2. @Mike: Eh , i'm not sure what's the problem you're facing but it is still working fine for me . ^^