Friday, March 18, 2011


If you have been surfing Japanese sites or flipping through gyaru magazines , you will notice the squarish barcode-alike images found on anywhere possible . That's the QR code ! i know gals will like to have cute apps on their iphone , cause i do ! So i'm gonna share a cute QR app i've found !

Ta-dah ~~~ iQRJam !!! 〵(^ ∀ ^)〳

& the best thing of course it's English supported ! it will be useful if you love flipping magazines like Popteen , Zipper , egg etc .

By the way , IT'S FREE !!! hehehehe ^ ꇴ ^

♡ All you need to do is to SCAN the codes from your labtop/desktop or magazines !

♡ Not only that , you can CREATE one for your website/blog ! i did one for my blog and it's placed on the side bar ! ^艸^

♡ Whatever you have created will be kept in the history . Cool right ? Don't have to keep on re-creating cause you forgot to save it somewhere or accidentally exit the app !

If you are interested , just click the link below :

Have fun "playing" with the app ! (>∀<)

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