Thursday, May 05, 2011

2 ears & 1 tail

Been seriously lazy to blog recently as dramas have caught all my attention these few weeks ! i won't be surprised if i have completed 10 dramas ! >×< Hmm , i think i shall list out !

★ Dream High (Korean)
★ Cinderella's Sister (Korean)
★ Starlit 心星的淚光 (Taiwan)
Samurai High School サムライ・ハイスクール (Japanese)
Kae In's Taste / Personal Taste (Korean)
My Princess (Korean)
Marry Me, Mary! / Mary Stayed Out All Night (Korean)
我和我的兄弟~恩 (Taiwan)

So in total i completed 8 dramas ! But that's still a lot lo ! Plus in between 2 uncompleted dramas - Face Maker (Japanese) and URAKARA (Japanese/Korean) .

For Face Maker (Japanese) , i left few episodes unwatched cause didn't manage to download while for URAKARA (Japanese/Korean) i only watched few episodes cause TOO BORING ! (No offense to KARA fans !)

i think i either too zai or no life already ! Zzzz ...

Okay , enough of dramas ! i'm gonna share my recently awesome buy through online store ! hehehe ~

Bunny iphone case & it's in purple too !!! 〵♡ɜ♡〳 So now my casing has grown 2 ears and 1 fluffy tail ! hehehehe ^艸^

i'm so glad i didnt get any in local stores which sells typically about the same few variety of colors ! Boringgggg ~ And the prices are about double the price i paid !!! i bought this SGD$13 including registered postage ! Okay la , maybe not be the cheapest for this design but at least is half price of market price and is in purple ! ≧∀≦

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