Thursday, April 01, 2010

April's fool day is just another day

Super boring season ! i'm allllll the way rotting ! Maybe not exactly . My new closet and dressing table arrived on Tuesday and i did packing for my mess . Now is more organized ! *笑* And i need some DIY but i didnt have what i need . ORZ ~

i was so bored that last night (to be specific is this (sky-still-dark) morning) , i went to create polyvore account and did my favourite mix and match ! ♥

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★☆ My favourite outfit/style - punk rock princess ! But i didnt have a chance to dress out this way . This place is no Japan , but boring tee+shorts+slippers country ! i have nowhere to dress this to . Maybe there is ? But for once or twice ? And at the same time attracting quirky eyes ! 。·°¨(≥∧≤)¨°·

★☆ This is more of my style when i'm wearing tee and shorts . ROCK !!! \m/ Boots & high-knee socks & studs are
♥ !

And damn those boring tee+shorts+slippers only style ! Wear some accessories please !!! And shoes too !
it's rather a turn off whenever i see gals dressing like a magazine model BUT wearing ugly slippers ! =.= i dont see a reason why you should dress up when you are wearing slippers out to town . The least , a chio sandals ?

★☆ Too much fancy colors and of different materials . Not a problem to attract quirky eyes in Singapore but common in Harajuku . In fact , sometimes anyhow match can be nice but of course there is always a limit . You wont want yourself to look like a clown in public .

* Denim shirt and floral patterns are the latest hit for this season . *

★☆ This outfit is cute ! Top up a biker jacket and Doc Marten's boots over a girlish outfit is pretty popular nowadays . Biker jacket with chiffon dress or floral dress is also another choice .

Anyway , i dont think i will ever do this makeup ! The colors look so barbie doll , definitely not so me ! i hate pink !

Anyone ?

i cant wait to be busy soon ! Club events ahead , and i wont be home blogging or rotting ! Going camp on Saturday (2nd day of actual FO Camp) and back on Monday . And then FO Weekend on the following Saturday ! Guess what's next ?!


Holy oh glory ! i cant believe the day is coming soon !!!! NEXT SUNDAY !!! i will be stepping into Taiwan for the first time next Sunday and follow up by a 6 days 5 nights of Taipei tour ! i cant wait to spam shopping !!! Everything there seems so pretty and holy compared to Singapore's . So many not-to-be-missed ! Hopefully i control my cash well ! ≥ω≤

For now , let's hope this year's campers are easy to handle ! No guai lan kias ! ^_____^


  1. Nanged u my friend! Do nang my latest post ay! Thanks!

  2. love your blog! keep up the fashionista post! Hope to read more on your future posting!