Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thoughts running through my mind , i teared silently

i dont know why suddenly i become so 感性 but yesterday when we , GPs , sang 石頭人 , i started to have this intense feeling about graduating . i felt the meaning of the lyrics in 石頭人 for the first time . i'm so gonna miss the days in CSCC . Every little drop of memories has become a mighty poly life memories ...

i'm sooooooooo gonna miss attending & being a camper/GP & breaking camps , singing campfire songs , sitting a big circle with songbooks right outside club room singing (during a club room clean up session and that was not long after our LTC) , trying to learn the camp songs , listening to the never ending gossips , community service events , used-to-be every night's MSN mass convo , "clubbing" after last lesson (waiting for one another in club even when there were meetings) , la-teh sessions , rotting in club room , playing games/chit chatting in club , meeting up for every lunch breaks (during the semester after our LTC) , wearing the same camp tee , 6 people squeezing in 4-seats table , celebrating one another birthday , ton-ning , yearly's Christmas countdown , New Year countdown , clubbing session (& was even my first experience) , captain ball trainings , accompanies received during captain ball trainings , supporting us (players) during captain ball matches , supporting the basketball team , banner painting sessions & seeing the banners being hung , playing hard at Bishi Bashi , pool ball sessions after la-teh session , taking same GEM(s) , photography trip , the bonding between GPs , shouting "ZAI" when "GPs , ARE YOU ALL ZAI OR NOT" is being shouted , the "di-di-di" game (we used to play it anytime anywhere) , night Bikeathon from school to ECP and back , sleeping on club room's floor after Bikeathon (everyone was falling "dead" after long hours of cycling) , setting up/ preparing for SP Star , get Leave of Absence (LOA) form , going school in the morning for SP Star's set-up instead of attending lessons , all the fooling around , movie sessions , bonding with clique , waiting for one another before eating (just like campers during camps) , supporting events as a big group , 07/08 FO Camp (which was super duper high) , being a secretary for FOW , being a Mummy for Despina (a group) during FOW , racee sessions for FOW , ging gang goo li goo li fights especially between campers and GPs , enrollment days for 2008/09 , running stations & watching the campers , cultural subcom 07/08 , cca drive , fake parent's NRIC and anyhow sign , together as one (CSCC) , etc ...

And when the GLs giving their speeches before breaking camp , i also felt like tearing . i think Year 1 was the most fun and memorable . it was an eventful year !

i'm already missing those fun and crazy times during Poly life though there's still events coming up before i wear the robe to ceremony to receive my certificate .

(Almost all photos were taken during Year 1 cause i was rather MIA after that . hehehehe XD)


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