Thursday, March 18, 2010

Radikal Forze B-boy Jam 2010

Not my first time attending this event , but my first time attending its pre-qualifier event .

i was there to support Top Coalition . Both teachers and students came down to form about 3 groups ? And the teacher's round was in the first few , and long gaps before is their students' turn . So while waiting , the TCs were engrossed with the skateboard ramps .

(Teachers are Dragon , Chack , Nai and Red which is the main team .)

★ Here's Dragon playing on the ramp .

Yihlin gave Chack a fake 三國演義's miniature (those you have to fix yourself) from 7-eleven . And Chack was so enthu that he immediately fixed it and showed us . 老頑童就是老頑童 ~

Dragon was saying that he was tired but i dont think so . He was high , and the person who is tired seems to be Chack instead — (Evidence: sleeping ↑↑) .

▲ Bboys (mostly from TC i guess) shuffled in front of us . Nai kept showing us his butt ! =_=""

Next day was the main event which is also the finals was at Zouk . Yihlin , Von and me were there too early . We had to wait for quite sometime before we could enter . And this time , not many audience went . The seats on the second level were so empty unlike last year .

During the first round , Red injured his leg . So they were minus one for the second round . And they still lost despite fighting hard . When Red was injured , Dragon asked us if there's any clinic nearby CHEAP , and Nai's first reaction was to ask the security to help them call for an ambulance . So in the end , ambulance came to carry Red to hospital ! =_= how cheap can this be ?

After they lost , we thought they would be in foul mood . But Dragon just suddenly popped in front of us and asked "你不覺得我的心情很好嗎 ?" . Obviously , we were stunned . Earlier he was like panicking when Red was injured plus they lost the round and he could still be so high !

This time , we didnt manage to take photo with Chack . He left before we knew it . He seems to be in a foul mood after qualifying in the 2nd round and lost .

Just when we could , we took photos with Dragon , Nai and Choco . ↓↓ And Choco was here as an audience . He's not part of Top Coalition but Formosa along with Dragon , Chack , Nai and other bboys from other teams in Taiwan .

TCs were SUPER HIGH throughout . They kept entertaining themselves with all sorts of things like shuffling , singing , rapping etc . ♫ 阿里山的姑娘美如水啊~ 阿里山的少年壯如山啊~ ♪

P/S: Thanks Dragon for helping us to take care of our bags while we went to have pratas and teh-beng . ^___^

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