Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is Render 2010 ?

It's the title for my graduation showcase which was held last Friday and Saturday . Other than students from Diploma in Digital Media like me , there's also students from Diploma in Music and Audio Technology who did performance as their showcase .

▲ My badly abandoned cheapo booth (o・艸・o)

▲ Cards were laid for self-service .

And oh , did i mention before ? i'm soooooooooo excited about my first name card in my 19 years of life ! i cant stop giving out to close friends . huhuhu ~

Though booth was abandoned , there were still people taking our name cards . Yesterday , i miraculously received an email invitation for a job request by AsknLearn . But i'm not going for it since the role given is multimedia/IT trainer which is almost like my internship in TTSH .

Emptiness and just emptiness . All are just our own people . Guests arrived only at night . We spent most of the time stoning . Anytime , anywhere !

And of course , PHOTO-TAKING SESSIONS !!! ↓↓ (☼゜∀`)ノ~~~♡

i didnt manage to watch day two's performance !!! ORZ ~ Day one's performance i watched like 3 times (?) yet day two none . Too bad , i just missed it ! But it seemed more exciting leh . 。・゚゚(ノД`)

And i think best part of this showcase is performance by the students from DMAT . Live band performance , who doesnt like ?

All and all , this showcase was successfully held in this bloody expensive place called ↓↓

Now , showcase has ended . it marked down my last two days being a DDM student . i'm a fresh graduate without a certificate . i'm jobless and school-less too !!! OMG !!!

★☆ If you need any visual effects artist/compositor or anyone skilled with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects or help with film production , you can contact me via .


  1. haha....enjoy ur time for being jobless and school-less :-P

  2. We gt the chance to see exterminator's performance can liao.. LOL!!