Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are You the Ultimate Trendsetter?

Your Results

You know what trends are hot and are the first to give them a go.
You love being the first to know what's cool and new, and are a frequent sharer of "now" news, whether it's finding the next breakout band or insisting your friends try the sweet little bakery you found. People look to you for style cues. Our suggestion? You already have all the makings of a trendsetter; you just need to step it up. You should be making the trends, not just following what's known as cool. A few ways to do this:

1. Take your Facebook and Twitter updates a bit further and start your own blog. Document your life, thoughts and feelings, and let others know where you find inspiration.

2. Test out a hairstyle you think is interesting and not necessarily "cool" yet. Check out this gallery of Rihanna's "out-there" hairstyles and think about how you can create your own unique 'dos.

3. Couple your new cutting-edge cut with a blindingly bright, shiny lip color (try COVERGIRL ShineBlast Lipgloss in Fire or Firecracker, $8.49). Complete this flashy look with a flawless complexion use COVERGIRL Clean Makeup, $6.99, to hide flaws and even out your skin tone), then create long, elegant lashes by using multiple coats of mascara or by gluing individual falsies on the outer part of your lash line. Try ModelCo Lash Out Individual Lashes, $32. When you're all ready, take your new look for a spin at the mall or even the grocery store and shock everyone with your shining personality ... and lip gloss.

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