Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Start a new memory ?


My 1TB hard disk has no hope of recovery unless i pay at least a thousand (!!!) which i wont . Cause the i-dont-know-what-head of hard disk is spoil plus complicated design of the inner parts . (blah blah blah ...) i think i'll just give up and forget it , and get a new hard disk instead !

But gonna thank God that i transferred my showreel's folder into another hard disk day before damn hard disk crash ! If i hadn't that folder , i really don't know what to submit when i am needed to submit my works .

Alright , bad news aside .

Well , when was the last time i did community service before last Sunday ? i couldn't recall it . And when i mean community service , i'm not referring to Standard Chartered or related voluntary works that earn me benefits .

Last Sunday i went to help out a CS event held in school . It was an event with DSA kids . Upon arrival with hua and peng , i was amazed with the attendance . i couldn't spot any other year 3s other than Julia . In fact , there weren't many year 1s and 2s came down too .

Initially , i felt like going back home especially i had trouble upload my showreel into Youtube to submit but luckily i didnt . Event was fun ! As mention →→ kids, those who arrived are really kids unlike Aspiration Camp where there's a number older than us . i was lucky to be attached to a little boy named Ryan . He was a good boy for the whole day , no trouble for me . But poor peng , gonna chase her buddy all around . Hua is totally a slacker !!! She got no one to attach to , so after tea break , she attached herself to Ryan's younger sister (a normal kid) ! Anyway , his sister is damn cute and shy ! She kept sticking to him . Cute siblings !

Ohya ! And my buddy even danced Wonder Girls' Nobody with his friend , Kenneth . Along with the song played through mobile phone , they danced the whole song and didnt wanna stop unless the song ended ! (≧∇≦)

The bloody hot weather boiled the school ! it got me almost dehydrated ! My whole body was sweating as if i'm in sauna and i hate the feeling ! But luckily day was fun and filled with laughter by the kids through the games which made me enjoy myself . Back home , i quickly "locked" myself in the air-con room ! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ゛

But one thing , why did we have to reach school at 10am when event actually starts at 1pm plus ? i could have slept longer !!!


P/S : i've got no photos for this event . i suddenly remembered about taking photos only when the whole event ended . This shows how much the event has occupied me . hehehe


Watch this ↓↓!

▲ The part where VanNess was in a shop looking for his sticker is damn hilarious ! The shop owner asked who is he and also replied him that Siwon's sticker costs more than his cause Siwon is more famous . ROFL !!! And VanNess sounds mad too as if he has Schizophrenia ! (大笑)


  1. Yeah, spending some times with DSA kids actually makes you appreciate your life more. But DSA kids are happier than us sometimes. Its important to be happy.

  2. Van Ness was really going to cry? omg.. I miss F4 too. those days they were so famous and they were so united.


  3. OMG ! Dont tell me you were gaga-ing over them during primary school days ?