Saturday, March 06, 2010

《Alice in Wonderland》 Behind the Scene

i managed to watch 《Alice in Wonderland》 on the day of its release in Singapore . And in 3D with good seats ! It was a beautiful fantasy movie . The scenes are prettily done with 3D and matte paintings . It's really a big work to make the overall look a wonderland

Here are some behind-the-scene videos found in Youtube , you can see the amount of green is used . (Green is used so that it can later on be removed and replaced with the created scene .)

The 'cross' markings on the greens are used for tracking with the 3D from point to point . This helps 3D models to move accordingly with the camera , so there won't be any unnecessary flying objects in the movie .

Funny tracking will end up like → THIS .

Talking about the storyline , initially when the story was about to end , i thought the climax was rather short and simple . In another word — direct . But on the second thought , i rather it is a simple story rather than adding more storyline and making it draggy .

Additionally , the colors in the movie makes the overall looks attractive . Costumes and makeup too ! i like how Red Queen , her clothes , her palace and her people are designed .

i'm also amazed on how they created white queen . Her everything is themed with white (and any pure colors) !

The lighting and sound effects is pretty well done too . Most of the scenes are dark as the Red Queen's people trying to catch Alice . But when it comes to the White Queen , the scenes become bright like the place is so holy .

Overall , 《Alice in Wonderland》 ia a movie with awesome CG effects ! The scenes are also specially designed totally fantasy . Singapore should invest in this area — doing big production ! i'm not referring to those Mediacorp are doing .

And and and !!!
Big production 〓 Need more people 〓 More jobs available 〓 i will have job !

watch 《Alice in Wonderland》 in 3D if you haven't


  1. i wanna watch alice in wonderland too!!!! i shall go drag someone to go with me...hehehe.

  2. Go watch in 3D!!! The effects are pretty !