Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jesus Tomb

Google and google for references (FYP) , and i came across this ! JESUS TOMB ! it was found in Israel . Read up the facts . i find them pretty interesting . (:

Anyhow , i didnt attend school today . Not that i want , but my dad woke me up at 9am when class starts at 9am ! By the time i get prepared and reach school , it would be about 10plus which i think it would be meaningless to go school . Plus i will be rotting with the laggy computer , as usual . But i met Shalini and Monica at Chinese Garden in the afternoon to do our Motion-tracking assignment . Hot weather really sucks but luckily today's weather isnt that bad compared to Tuesday .

i still dont know what to model/use for my scene (3D object) . it have to be animated to make the scene more realistic . This is such a headache !

Ohya , yesterday 3D option had presentation . it was so much of mixed feelings for my group . We are glad to hear compliments and praises from lecturers saying that our short film will be a great one provided we do a good job with the modelling and effects . Without fail , lecturers keep aiming at our storyline and storyboard . Especially the beginning ! Changes are made over and over again , till now still not confirm . Super ORZ ! Hopefully the storyline and storyboard can be confirmed soooooooooon . Really hoping so , badly .

Well , do pray for us that everything will be fine and the end product will be fantastic ! And CG option will have presentation soon , i guess . Hopefully the comments will be as great as yesterday's and no more picking at any part of our project (which i doubt so) .

P/S: Mummy gonna be back on Saturday ! i'm sooooooooo eager to see what she bought for me !!! Hahahahahha ~

Before i end ...


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