Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wolverine Night

Sunday night was spent with Chris & Peng . Hua didnt join us . The night before i did my FYP till sunrise , hence i joined the girls in the evening as i need sufficient sleeping hours .

We did awhile of shopping before i went to eat Ben & Jerry's .

i ordered that what New York Chocolate Fudge again . Chocolate icecream with nuts and chocolate chips ! WOOOOOO ~ Heavenly yo !

That night , we watched Wolverine ! Like finally . We didnt buy popcorn in . We sneaked LJS food in ! Hahahahah ~ My first time oh ! XD

Movie is awesome ! Effects is so great that seems so realistic ! Oh damn , how i wish i had the skills to apply for my FYP . i think i would just score madly .

Check out my new & COOOOOOL toy ! :D

it casts out an image of stitch !

P/S: FYP SUCKS BIG ASS TIME ! Lecturers are confusing us with comments and creating never ending problems to us ! & there's a presentation tomorrow ! Orz ~

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