Monday, August 04, 2008

Decora Fashion equals over-accessorized

Decora, also known as "Decoration" or "Decora-chan", is one of many street fashions showcased by the magazine. It consists of colorful clothing and accessories from head to toe. The style is sometimes mistakenly called "Fruits-style" by people outside of Japan. Decora clothing is simple, and the accessories include plastic toys and jewelry, which click together and make noise as the wearer moves.

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Did you notice that decora is so pinkish ?

♥ Learn to be Decora , try it if you have the guts to dress up like one and wear them on Singapore Streets :

Anyway , this type of fashion style is good as it can be cheap . Just buy random cheap hair clips and accessories that you can find and wear them all at one go . And there you go , one of the Japan Fashion Style ! But i doubt any Singaporean would wear out , or maybe only a small teeny weeny portion of the Singaporeans ? 1 out of few thousands ?

Do tell me if you wear this style out to town ! i'm interested to know how is it like to wear them in town . (:

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