Monday, August 05, 2013

Korea Trip: Day1.2 Dragon Head Rock & Mysterious Road

Now I shall continue with Jeju Island. Yay? hahahaha. Anyway, it was a short 2 days and 2 nights trip. Really short! But before I go further about the trip, we took a domestic flight to Jeju Island at Gimpo Airport.

⋙ Guigui and Taecyeon ate these on <We Got Married> Global Version! By the way, I was in an convenient store in the airport.

⋙ Heartstrings! I mean the drama. A merchandise from the drama.

⋙ Lotte Mall. But I didn't have a chance to visit it. Looks big!

⋙ Big Bang spotted! hahahaha.

⋙ Selca while waiting.

⋙ I thought we could just board the plane right outside the airport after walking down the stairs. Instead, we took a small bus to the plane!

⋙ Short flight yet better than the plane I took to Incheon Airport! There's even a usb plug for me to charge my phone!

⋙ Jeju-do under my feet! (✧◡✧)

⋙ Beach and seaside! So much of a holiday feel!

Finally arrived at the first destination in Jeju-do and welcomed by random roadside stores.

⋙ Korea's 土地公 (tu di gong), dol hareubang.

⋙ 龍頭岩 (long tou yan), Dragon Head Rock.

Haenyo (literally mean 海女 (hai nv) or sea woman) at work. I was also told that Korea's sea women able to live the longest compared to other countries like Japan. Even at age of 80 or 90, they can also head down to the sea.

⋙ With the dragon head. This seems like a Korean version of 野柳 (ye liu)!

⋙ I overheard a Korean girl telling her friends that this looks more like a tokki (rabbit in korean). So rabbit or dragon? hahahaha

⋙ Commonly seen handmade souvenirs in Jeju-do.

Next stop: Mysterious Road!

So why is it called mysterious road? Cause without turning on the engine, vehicles can still move on its own!!!!! Alright, don't tell me whatever mother nature scientific theory! Let's keep it a mystery of mother nature!

⋙ Fish cake, eomukguk.

⋙ The chicken meat was really tender!!! (Y)

What a long post for day one in Jeju Island. But these aren't all! There is still a last bit to conclude the day! I didn't want to flood a post of over a hundred photos at a go, so I'm going to continue in the next post. (人´∀`).☆.。


  1. Everything looks so nice~cool~amazing~hahaha I wish I was there too!! I'M SO JELLY T_T!!!:D

    1. This is just day 1! There are still more exciting events to share! Or you can just flip through my fb albums! XD

    2. in fact I've already gone through some of your FB albums previously hahahaha. I'm going to check more now!!:D But I still look forward to reading about your trip more here at your blog too xD