Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!

When is your country's National Day? How is it celebrated?

On every 9 August, Singaporeans will come together and celebrate this day, the day Singapore gained independence. Lucky ones (with tickets) will watch the parade and performance LIVE at the country's biggest event while the rest either watch the LIVE broadcast on TV or gathered around the location to watch the fireworks. For me, I was lucky to be at my dad's (HQ) office which is located right in front of Singapore River. At my comfort zone, I could catch glimpse of the event's happenings in the sky and watch the fireworks with a perfect background.

However, I heard this would be the last year to hold the event there. The previous location, which is National Stadium at Kallang, will be ready by next year for the event. Good news will be more seats for Singaporeans to participate the national event but sad news will be no more fireworks by the bay.

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