Friday, August 30, 2013

Next Overseas Trip

As I enjoy traveling, I would always wish to travel out the country whenever I have a chance to, least to say a trip to family's hometown, Guangzhou, Shunde District, with my relatives. Honestly, I don't really fancy China after reading many news of ridiculous behaviors and crime cases in the country. I've never been to the country, so news are what that left me impression of. But since it was a trip to family's hometown, I couldn't give it a miss and also the chance to meet the extended family tree.

I have been curious about the place ever since my mum mentioned to me about her extended family over there once in a while as I grow up. My mum didn't grow up in Guangzhou. To be more exact, it's my late grandfather's hometown. All my mum's siblings (total 9 siblings including my mum) are on this trip, but with only 3 cousins joining. So this time round I'm basically traveling with mainly "adults", as in my mum's generation. I hope I can still enjoy my time there.

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