Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zoo Day

Love bento by Chris and Peng
"Where's my body?!!!"
"Mummy said must eat clean clean!"
*Sniff sniff* "Where's the treasure?"
"Share with me lei!"
"Hey you! Whatcha' looking at?"
"Why is my share of food so small?"
"My new toy."
Snake skull and skin.
"Sorry, I'm having a bad flu now."
"My letter 'H' pose handsome or not?"
"Faster give me my food la!"
"You talking behind my back?"
"Yes! I want! I want!"
"My head is so heavy!"
"I'm not a sponge cake."
"Why is Singapore so hot? My water has dried up! Tsk!"
"My mouth is bigger than yours!" "No, mine's bigger!"

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  1. How cool and funny~ Now I want to go to zoo too!!:D