Saturday, June 01, 2013

Getting hardworking with mails

Honestly, when my break is finally here, I felt so relax that I didn't feel like doing anything. Even writing letters or postcards! I still do write but only a few once in awhile which resulted me still having empty postcards very often. I remember last year I could even write and mail about 10 postcards in a week! Now, I'm aiming to do the same too! Or at least enough to flood my mailbox! hehehehe.

Another plan of mine now is - because I will be going to South Korea for a vacation on the last week of this month, I want to have a flooded mailbox when I return back home! hohohoho! So, time for more private swaps!!!!

In the meantime, here are what I have received and mailed out recently. (。•ᴗ•。)

♡Incoming Joy♡

⋙ From Estonia, mailed by my Finnish penpal, Jenny, who went there for a vacation.

⋙ From Thailand. (Postcards swap (1 per country), Swapbot.)

⋙ Tokyo Gotouchi shaped-card from Yuki.

⋙ Japan's sumo postcard from Bianca.

⋙ From Poland. (private swap on Postcrossing)

♡Outgoing Love♡

⋙ Finally a reply letter to my Canadian penpal!

Postcards mailed out for IG and Postcrossing private swap, Swap-bot and Postcrossing:

Lastly, I've also decided to reduce/stop package swap on swapbot so I can save more money and also concentrate better on getting stuffs for my dear penpals. (*´艸`*) This applies to private package swap too!


  1. you going to South Korea??I'm super enviouss!!!! Send me a postcard from there if you have time xD

    1. Sure! I hope I am able to too!
      When you were at Estonia, did you just ask from the counter for stamps or you visited a post office?

    2. Yay! Yes, I had no idea where the stamps were sold in Estonia so I just asked about it in a market I visited and the salesperson at the counter kindly told me where to go to get them(i didn't need to go to a post office, they were sold in a kiosk:))
      I read somewhere that in Korea you can go to a convenience store to send packages but I don't know if you can send there postcards / buy stamps too..