Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Package from Poland

It really has been some time since I received a package. Partially also because, I've been spending most of the time exchanging postcards instead of hopping to swapbot for package swap. So finally, I received one yesterday from my Polish penpal! I totally enjoy the process of ripping open an envelope and checking out all the surprises.

⋙ Two of the many stamps.

⋙ All packed in small package of six.

⋙ Package 1 - With her favorite candy.

⋙ Package 2

⋙ Package 3 - Drinking jelly (without galatine).
I find this pretty interesting! Can't wait to try!

⋙ Package 4 - With many fruit teas!

⋙ Package 5 - With Euro2012 stickers which I find it damn cool even though I'm not a soccer fan. This is totally worth keeping!

⋙ Package 5 - 3 illustration postcards packed along with the stickers above.

⋙ Package 6 - Lastly, a frill socks! Just nice I currently looking for nice socks! (And I'm still looking! Hopefully S.Korea has pretty and cheap ones too!)

And that's all! With so many food and drinks now, I think this can last me forever! HAHAHAHA

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  1. Your Polish penpal is soo generous. Their postage has been so expensive lately, and receiving such a package must have costed her a lot.. but anyways, I think both of you did have enjoyed in this one :) Hhehehe