Monday, May 06, 2013

While I was away: Postcards Part2

So, here's part 2! Postcards I have received from my favourite Asian countries! (〃▽〃)

From Taiwan:

⋙ This piece of illustration is done by my Taiwanese pal's friend using colored pencil. Beautiful right?

If you have realized, they are all from the same person (Jou-i). She used different Toy Story stamps from the same series on the postcards. We are actually constantly swapping with each other and happy swapping so far! Can't wait to receive more and share with her more about Singapore through postcards! (๑・◡・๑)

From South Korea:

These two are actually from the same person. She wrote Hangul in one of the cards and I have yet to break the code. ( >∀<)

From Japan:

These Japanese cards are mailed mainly from my instagram pals. (〃º╰╯^ ) ~☆ Instagram is now a new platform to for potential swaps and communication between snail mailers from different countries. It is also fun to see what one another has received and checking out awesome mail art. As a result, I'm now hook to instagram! hehehehe.

Honestly, the most exciting thing for a Japanese lover is to be able to communicate with real Japanese and learning about the culture from them. There is really so much to "see" in Japan!

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