Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tomato Game and Dramas

Quick update before I head out.

So, I didn't manage to blog yesterday! #dailychallengefailed (。•́︿•̀。) I was at Jessinta's place with Wenjing and by the time I reached home was already 12am or near 12am. We wanted a baking session but by the time we reached her house was too late to bake anything, so we postponed to next week! And we brainstormed for my project. Sigh!

⋙ Tomato game that we played! A simple and fun game for small group of people (less than 5).

These two weeks, I've also completed two korean dramas.

Iris 2:

Ever since I completed Iris 1, I was totally into thriller action dramas. Iris 2 is a continuation of Iris 1 even though the main leads are different. I won't say Iris 2 isn't exciting cause it is more exciting than the first series with a lot of twist and 2-faced but I think it's a bit too much till the plot became complicated. I still prefer Iris 1 - simple and exciting.

Flower Boys Next Door

This drama is originally based on a korean webtoon (online cartoon comic). The storyline is actually simple but I think it is the characters that made the drama captivating. I don't know if I will re-watch again but this is a good drama if you like simple storyline without much twists.

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