Friday, May 10, 2013

While I was away: Letters & Packages

If you haven't known, I'm on swap-bot too - a site for all sorts of swaps. It is really fun to receive all sorts of surprises since I'll never know what exactly the person will mail me. So while I wasn't active here, these are all the stuffs I received from all around the world.

From USA:

(Random Envie Swap)

⋙ I'm totally loving the postcard and the elongated coin from Houston Space Center. They are such cool stuffs to receive.

⋙ Yet to try. ( >∀<)

From Russia:

($5 Souvenir Package)

From Israel:

(Private Swap)

From Malaysia:

($5 Souvenir Package)

From UK:

(Airmail labels swap)

From Turkey:

(4 Postcards In An Envelope)

OMG! Really all from different country! Hahahaha (自言自語)(zi yan zi yu means ownself ask and ownself answer). And if you notice, yes! I'm collecting airmail labels!!! *hint hint* (*´艸`*)

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