Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Singapore Stamps

Of course , these aren't all the design of stamps I've used . They are stamps I've used or rather , got from Singpost . I don't have weighing scale , so I have to make visits to Singpost for stamps . Except for postcards , which uses the same amount (50 cents) to any countries , i usually use two 1st local stamps (26 cents X 2) . Hence , only first local stamps I can have a collection of different variety and to choose from . I'm actually thinking of getting a weighing scale but probably after my studies . After all , I won't have time to do much mailings after school semester starts again .

Oh ! And now i am collecting USED stamps too ! If you are going to throw them away , give them to me instead ! hehehe ! (♡′艸`)

(Click image for enlarged view)

⋙ Near where I stay !

⋙ It's a matching postcard with the stamp in previous image ! And i just mailed them out for a swap ! (。•ᴗ•。)

(Click image for enlarged view)

(Click image for enlarged view)

♡ Incoming Mails ♡

⋙ My first reply letter received from my Japanese pen pal !

⋙ Advertising/Free cards from swap-bot swap

⋙ US's Iowa tourist map and some other tourist information from a swap-bot swap which I haven't started browsing through . (*≧∀≦*)

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