Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reply 1997

I think I have not been reviewing about dramas for very long . This time the drama is so awesome that I could not help it but to share about it . hehehe . (*≧∀≦*)

So , recently I've watched a drama that I enjoy so much , I actually watched it twice ! The second time was with many fast forwards , so I managed to complete in a day . And the drama is : Reply 1997 or also known as Answer Me 1997 !

I'll try hard not to be so much of a spoiler for those who haven't watched . As the title says '1997' , the story is a about a group of high school students who met in the year 1997 . The story goes in a form of recollecting the memories by the students about 15 years later during their gathering . This drama is also bring back memories for those who experienced that period of time and also fan chasing back then . Well , I was only 7 back then so I could not relate much . For me is more like see before than used before .

The drama scenes are really daebak (means big win/awesome in Korean) ! They literally bring you back to 1997 ! Pagers , old mobile phones over the years and what sort like the old online messenger , etc.

Eun Ji Won is also one of the main casts but at the same time , he was also a member of Sechs Kies that is also mentioned in the drama . I mean Sechs Kies in real life as it first started in 1997 .

⋙ I find this scene really funny and cute - looking for a dog that look like himself . hahahaha

This is not all about it that makes me like the drama . I like the interaction between the two main leads , Seo In Guk and Apink's Jung Eunji . I think Jung Eunji's acting is really good despite the fact that it was her first time acting . It feels so natural . Either really good or she shares similarities with the role she played . (*´艸`*) And drama being drama , it forever won't exist in real life . Top students and handsome too ? In real life , this two doesn't exit together or maybe to say 'rare' . Plus , can bear all the violence the girl has on him . When I watched the drama , I was thinking , "if that happens in real life , guys for sure turn away and look for another girl . hahahaha ." #reality At the same time I wonder , how awesome would it be if I have a childhood friend who is freaking good at studies and good looking too . Hmmmmmmm ...

Anyway , Yoon Yoon Je and Sung Shi Won's love line almost turns out real in reality !!! Somehow like the leads in 《Queen Inhyun's Man》 but this time , sadly , Jung Eunji rejected . After all , Jung Eunji is only 19 and gap between the two is about 6 years ! Hmm... Maybe make them a couple again on 《We Got Married》? hehehehe .

hehehehehe ~

And Seo In Guk has seriously slimmed down a lot from his role as Kim Chang Mo in 《Love Rain》 . I also just realized he started out as a singer who won  in Superstar K competition .

⋙ I can't believe he looks so different now ! But definitely changed for the better !

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