Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BBK Trip: Day 1 Wax Museum, Chinatown & Khaosan Road

Finally I'm starting my Bangkok post ! The trip was seriously so long ago with so many happenings in between especially the school projects that have occupied most of my time and mind . I doubt I can remember much .

Anyhow , it was a 6D5N trip (20 - 25 June 2012) with Peng , Chris and Chris' mum . It sounds like many days but they past rather fast with all days spent fully ! We wished we could extend our stay !

Upon arrival , we headed to phone line service stall first right outside the arrival exit . Living in the world of technology , we rely so much on our phone that we "required" wifi ! So we got a 7 days prepaid plan with unlimited 3G at dtac stall . I have forgotten the price but is rather cheap . Around 399 baht ?

 Then cabbed down to Grand Diamond Suites Hotel which was the hotel we stayed for 5 nights . And must really beware of the cab drivers ! They really know how to cheat foreigners' money ! Because of our luggages , they tried to cheat us to a bigger and , of course , more expensive cab which wasn't a need . Luckily we went to the counter to choose and found a cheaper cab !

♡ Grand Diamond Suites Hotel ♡

⋙ Dining area

⋙ Kitchen

⋙ View outside Kitchen

⋙ "Living room"

⋙ Room 1 which Chris and her mum slept in .

⋙ Room 2 which Peng and me slept in .

⋙ View outside me and Peng's room

♡ Madame Tussauds Wax Museum ♡

⋙ Ahhh no Nickhun ! The only person I was looking forward to meet ! hahahaha . Not because I'm a fan of his but I'm rather "familiar" with since Kpop wave is so strong ! (*´艸`*)


⋙ I feel like a dwarf !

⋙ HAHAHA Act yi ge !

♡ Chinatown - Nam Sing Bird's Nest Shark Fin Restaurant ♡

⋙ Shark fin

⋙ Bird nest

♡ Khaosan Road ♡

Actually there's nothing special at Khaosan Road other than pubs and massage shops all along the whole stretch of road . There's still shops selling rather cheap but we chose to save up the money to spree at Platinum Fashion Mall .

And if you are a fan of Running Man , you would have known this street ! They went there right after arriving at the airport . Nickhun was in a team too ! So while walking along the street , me and Chris were trying to spot the places they went and we managed to spot the game station's location and the outdoor massage shop ! But overall , Khaosan Road isn't that exciting like it seems unless you are there to party and drink .

That's all for day 1 ! Besides , this is also the day I took the most photos in Bangkok ! Day 2 onwards are shopping days ! hehehehe (*≧∀≦*)

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