Monday, June 11, 2012


To those unfamiliar , you may wonder what this means . Postcrossing is an online project that encourages postcards to be sent or shared across the world , at the same time , postcards will also be received from random people in the world . Ever since i found out through a postcard collection album made by a friend of mine on facebook , i got attracted to it and did what i never thought i would ever do in my life - mailing and receiving postcards to random people in the world .

Honestly , my first postcard was received when i was in primary school from my Sunday school teacher . But back then , i still didn't know how to appreciate design , least to say a postcard . i did turn to snail mail for about a year or two with my primary school friends and cousin but the chain somehow stopped and i forgot why and how . i still have them and they seriously feel different when i have something "raw" in hand to keep .

Now i'm older , i see things differently and can't wait to receive more postcards to see and feel the world . Cause , i will never know what type of postcards i will receive nor know what new stuff i'm gonna learn about . And i also don't have the money to travel anytime anywhere i want , so i'm gonna take a "ride" with postcards to see and feel the world ! hahahahaha sounds so cheesy !

✉ My #1 postcard received - from Florida , USA !

✉ My #2 postcard - from Russia !

✉ My #3 postcard - from Ukraine !

Because i got hook to exchanging postcards , i didn't want to restrict myself to only from the Postcrossing project site . So , feel free to email me at with your mailing name and address if you are keen to exchange , receive or snail mail me postcards ! Emails without name or address will not be entertained . But please note that this applies to only to those living outside Singapore !

Postcards Exchange

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