Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bad ice-skating experience

If you've been following my twitter , you would have known that i've been watching drama after drama these days . Nothing nice to recommend . Either bad storyline or terrible ending . SIGH !

So last Thursay , me and Wenjing went to send off Weimin the late morning before she flew to LV for studies . Back in a month , so okay la ! Very soon she will be back ! XD But we still did a gift for her and ohyeaaaaa successfully made her tear (on the plane i guess) !!!! hehehe !


After sending off Weimin , we headed to T3 for lunch . We couldn't stay too long as we had to be back to school in the afternoon for a briefing .

⋙ Terminal 3

⋙ Ramen Champion . Manager (i suppose) told us all are the best ramens from different parts of Japan and taste the same as ones the Japan .

⋙ Honestly , of Japanese ramen , i only like the egg best ! (๑´ڡ`๑)

And the next day was ice-skating day at Jcube with Wenjing and Jessinta ! i haven't been skating for yearssssssss all because the old Jurong Entertainment Centre was demolished and took yearsssss to build into the new Jcube ! And so during those yearsssss , i didn't go anywhere to skate .

⋙ Chicken Katsu Curry at Ginza Bairin . Me , miss yin , miss chua and miss pan always order this at its ION outlet .

AND TIME FOR ICE-SKATINGGGGGGGG !!!! *EXCITED* Snap snap while waiting to step into the rink . (^ω^)

Starting i was trying to get my balance and confidence on the ice but after few rounds , my legs started to get weak due to the pain on my feet . Fell twice ! (´┏_┓`) and many moments i felt like just drop and fall cause my legs were like almost wobbly . (´×ω×`)


i don't even remember being uncomfortable while in the rink during my skating session in the old rink (at JEC) . sighhhhhhhhhhh !

After the 2 hours skating session , teabreak at Nana's Green Tea . Minus Jessinta , plus Zhanwang .

⋙ Matcha float . Quite a small cup .(◞‸◟)But the ice-cream didn't have the strong bitter taste like the common matcha !

And now , i'm like addicted to have more matchaaaaaa ! Oh ya , and they have azuki bean (red bean) range of beverages too ! Looks nice alsoooooooo !!! OMG ! MATCHA + AZUKI BEAN = AWESOME ! MY FAVOURITEEEEEE !!!! hehehehehe .

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