Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3D2N in Genting

After Christmas , before 2011 ended (28-30 December) , i went Genting with family for a short getaway ! Because Malaysia is right beside Singapore , long bus ride to Genting ! But nevertheless , it's still better than riding on a bus around Singapore !

Anyway , this post gonna be filled with photos ! Cause i'm posting photos for all 3 days ! (ο^ω^ο)

⋙ Toilet+breakfast break at Yong Peng (Malaysia) .
⋙ Uphill to Genting . Thick clouds !

⋙ Super hazy !
⋙ Heading towards Hotel First World where the hotel i stayed is .

⋙ Selca in hotel room while resting after the long wait just to check-in .
⋙ Because i don't know what to eat , so i ordered salad . Damn lots of leaves !!! (●´⌓`●)
⋙ Mushroom soup !

⋙ Glittery men ! Damn bling !

⋙ Miniature display of the whole Genting !

⋙ Still hazy at night .
⋙ Outdoor theme park ! But too hazy to see anything ! (●´⌓`●)
⋙ Freezing coldddd but actually to me still okay though i thought i would be shivering the moment i stepped out .
⋙ Trying to act like it's super cold . hahaha !
⋙ Feeling the cool wind ! SHIOK !!!

★ Day 2 ★

⋙ Breakfast at Marrybrown before exploring the other parts/hotels in Genting .

⋙ Ratings for all the hotels in Genting .

⋙ Taking cable car to go downhill .
⋙ Too hazy to see anything .

⋙ So damn creepy steep and high !!!! But still long way to go ! ฅ(๑*д*๑)ฅ!!
⋙ Finally see the destination !

⋙ Bought tibits ! But actually the place also nothing much to see !

⋙ Holy crap ! Spent about more than an hour standing and queueing just to return back to Genting ! Downhill was fast but seriously didn't expect uphill to be this crazy ! Cause this is the shortest and fastest way to reach Genting compared to riding on wheels and so , many families chose to travel up this way ! DAMN ZZZ TTM !!! Bloody waste my time ! But luckily i had korean drama - I need Romance - with me in my phone ! hehehe .
⋙ Finally after the long wait !
⋙ See how hazy the sky is .

⋙ i dislike this hotpot restaurant ! Nothing nice to eat ! All the ingredients provided mainly are fish cake and other cheap food . And only TWO KINDS OF MEAT !!! Wth ?!! Not worth it !
⋙ Bowling with family cause we didn't know what to do !

That late night , i met Yin , Pan and Low to casino (not coincidentally) . MY FIRST TIME ENTERING !!! Cause i just turned 21 not long . Anyhow , i didn't like the atmosphere . Not the gambling atmosphere but the smoking atmosphere ! People everywhere smoking ! The smell is so thick that it simply makes my throat feels so dry ! Ծ‸ Ծ But nevertheless , i did try playing a jackpot machine AND I DIDNT EVEN WIN ONCE during the tries ! *No luck !* i didn't keep playing cause i didn't want myself to get addicted cause i know once i'm hooked , it gonna be no ending !

★ Day 3 ★

⋙ A clear day !
⋙ Sunrise !
⋙ Complimentary breakfast at the hotel's restaurant .

⋙ Travelling downhill and back home .

Honestly there's nothing much special about Genting other than the cold weather . i haven't been there for like since age of 14 , so it was not really that boring to me . But i think my next trip will probably be a hang around since i've done all the exploring UNLESS my next trip is 7 years later ! hahahaha !

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