Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to School

Been a week of school already . i'm still in the midst of knowing my new classmates ! This semester gonna be much more crazier ! Last semester to higher diploma certificate and also a "preview" semester of degree/final year .

We are to work on a tradition that has been losing/almost extinct over the decades and bring them back . And the end product will be showcase to public in May/June ! ꒰ ΄◞ิ۝◟ิ‵꒱ Oh well , good luck to me and hope i can stay 100% on my work ! FIGHTING ~!

⋙ New haircut for the new semester ! Nice ? Or long hair suits me better ? ꒰*´艸`*꒱

⋙ Lines/stripe nails for new start of semester !

⋙ i wanted to do leopard nails but my left hand messied up my right nails . Booo ! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

⋙ New favorite eye ring which i got from Topshop ! Cute right ?! ꒰*´∀`*꒱͛

ps. Chinese New Year eve is next Sunday and i havent gotten any new clothes !!!! Not that i didn't find but i couldn't find what i like ! Oh man !!!! And i left a week !!! ٩(。>Д<)۶ Let me be lucky to find untypical clothes that i like this week !

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