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Taiwan Trip: Day 6 Part 3 Shihlin Night Market

(i know this post has been such a long delay but i'm still posting it anyway . And Shihlin Night Market is one of my favorite places in Taiwan , so i've got so much to share . (≧∀≦) Doing this post seriously make me wanna teleport there right away . hehehe .)

Before i start , i shall state here first that photos seen on this post are not taken during my second trip but my first trip . But no matter which day or which trip , it's still the same place after all right ? And since i explored more during my first trip , it is more worth it to share and be recorded in my blog . (゠´∀`゠)

i think this post gonna be killing all hungry tummies cause Shihlin Night Market has many many awesome food . Okay la , maybe not all seems awesome but still a few to be dying for . Cause it's too awesome and only available there !

At Shihlin Night Market , the famous Chicken fillet is definitely not to be missed ! it's often seen with super long queues !

But if you are lazy to queue (like me) and you think you will be there like late at night , then i suggest to buy late night when there isn't crowded . Or can go shopping first !

▲▼大腸包小腸 (da chang bao xiao chang) ! it's actually like hot dog bun but bun replaced with glutinous rice .

The black pepper isn't spicy . FYI , i have low tolerance for spiciness .

▲ 冰糖葫蘆 (bing tang hu lu / icy candy[?]) !

Fruits coated with hardened sugar syrup . it is also one of the traditional food that is being passed down since centuries ago .

▲ Oyster Omelette , also know as 'or jian' or 'or ah jian' .

Taiwan's tasted very different from what we have in Singapore . Singapore's tasted more of the egg but Taiwan's tasted more of the dough .

▲ 青蛙下蛋 (frog laying eggs) .

Though the name of the drink sounded like it's gonna be frog's eggs but it is actually not . It is just the pearls/jelly that resembles the eggs .

ai-yu jelly . Actually the jelly alone is tasteless .

▲ 豬血糕 (Pig Blood Cake) . i think it tasted fine ? But i know it looks disgusting ! >艸<

▲ i think we tried bitter gourd juice and papaya milk .

In such night markets , fruit juice is one of the better choice compared to drinking pearl milk tea . i dont know why people say if ever visit Taiwan must try their pearl milk tea . On the first night , we tried and we all went ewwwwww ! Worst than what we have in Singapore ! But not that Taiwan's pearl milk tea sucks , just that you have to get them from bubble tea shops like 50嵐 (50lan) . ^^

▲ Smelly tofu ! it's actually nice despite the strong unpleasant smell !

▲ Cuttlefish fillet .

▲ In Taiwan , 花枝 (hua zhi) means squid/sotong.

Actually there was a temporary extension of the night market during our first two nights . Like what we called pasar malam in Singapore , there's mini games too . Actually we didnt know it was temporary till the third night we realized the area suddenly seemed empty .

▲ 劍潭 (jian tan) train station is just located in front of the night market !

Walking down further , away from the food area , this is what you will see :

it's actually a shopping paradise with cheap buys everywhere !!! But shopping aside first ,
continue with more food ! hehehehe .

On the opposite road , not only shopping , there's always this duck shop and i literally mean DUCK .

There's duck head , duck wing , duck tongue and duck neck . Poor duck ! >꒢<

Walking down the lane of the shopping area , you will see many push carts/temporary stores . it's a common sight in Taiwan and 99% of the stores are selling illegally . So don't be surprise if you suddenly see stall owners running away . Cause the police are approaching ! XD

▲ Curiosity killed the bird and my friends went to buy this . And it was hard and tasted like foam ? But in the end we still don't know what cake is this .

▲ Welcome sign for the shopping area .

Shihlin Night Market is super awesome for cheap and trendy stuffs ! If you think you wanna check out for a lower price at other places , chances is low ! i even have friends travelling back here on our last night ! Cause initially we thought wu fen pu will be cheaper since everyone says so as it is a wholesale place . But it turns out not . Cheat our feeling ! ´꒢`

▲ KFC spotted !

▲ The hostel we stayed - cheap and creepy ! hahahahahaha .

Group photos with my cs clique . But minus one cause Sihao was the cameraman .

But this is not the end , i'm still gonna share more ! ^^

My highlights in Shihlin Night Market :

天藍小舖 (tian lan xiao pu)
(Located on the opposite road of Shihlin's (shopping) main entrance - welcome sign)
Operating hours: 16:00 - 24:00

If you often join/notice Taiwan sprees , you will know this shop . Bags sold there are damn cheap and trendy ! About SGD12 on average ? But nothing more than SG20 ! In Singapore, similar bags are found at double price ! >Д< And because it's so cheap , on my second trip , me and my mum bought many bags till we could apply for their membership ! Shiok max ! Oh ! And the staffs there are awesome ! They are super patient and won't show black face even when i requested for a newer/another piece when i notice a minor flaw on the bag . (Y)

Manicure is damn cheap ! They charged by design and not the amount of elements used . Like in Singapore , manicurist will charge number of blings etc while the outlet i went at Shihlin doesn't ! But i don't know if the shop is still there cause during my 2nd trip , the shop seems to look different . Not sure if it's me who noticed the wrong shop or it has already moved out .

i think i paid like only NT300 ? TOTALLY WORTH IT !!! But sadly , we can't find such cheap deals in Singapore ! *face reality*

Luggage !
Okay la , i know i sounded random but during my first trip when we roamed around the place like countless of times , i would notice this luggage shop . They are so cheap and pretty that i almost wanted to get them ! But i can't ! Everyone had their own luggage to pull and impossible and also troublesome for me to pull two luggages ! ´꒢`

Kawaii shop
You know those shops that sells cute disney and san-x characters' unofficial products ? And also random cute stuffs ? Yes , i'm referring to those ! There's this shop filled with a mass of these cute stuffs and got me tempted to get ! Though it was cheap , but i have to control my expenses ! ( ノД`) The shop isn't hard to get notice and located not far from the welcome sign .

Phew ! Now i'm finally left with my last day in Taiwan ! ^艸^

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